Jai Gurugi Garments And Exports Pvt Ltd: New Name In Delhi For Authentic And Branded Clothes

Have you ever thought about the clothes you wear? How they’re made and what goes in the manufacturing process? Have you ever contemplated on how your comfortable daily wear gets manufactured in the factory and eventually reaches your hand?

As a matter of fact, all your favourite dresses and attire start off as raw material in the factory that go through a series of processes in the manufacturing line before being converted into a finished product ready to reach your nearest retailer. The garments that are produced at the end of the manufacturing line in the factory go through packaging and warehousing for transportation to various distribution centres and whole sellers. The garments are then sorted for export and sale at retail outlets by these whole sellers which you eventually buy.

But did you know that at times, some garment proprietors choose to have their own retail outlets where they exclusively sell their clothes? Another question that stems out from this knowledge is that how difficult must it be for these garment proprietors to juggle both, the garment manufacturing process and retail outlets simultaneously? Did you think it was easy to enter and sustain in an industry already sprawling with popular brands and consumer favourites?

I guess you already know the answer to those questions. It is exceedingly challenging to enter this industry and create a name for yourself nonetheless. But when you’re a visionary with proper guidance and planning, you can definitely make a mark for yourself in the garment industry.

This is the story of one such entrepreneur, who has tasted success at the young age of 29 through his unrelenting hard work integrated with zeal, motivation, vision, mission and immaculate planning. This young businessman, Luckshay Thakur, who hails from Delhi, seems to be unstoppable and is making news with the noteworthy success of his garment brand called “Jai Guruji Garments and Exports Pvt Ltd”. Luckshay is the Co-Director of his company along with his father and mentor Mr. Arun Thakur.

For everyone’s benefit, it is pertinent to mention that Luckshay Thakur was not always involved in the garment industry. He is already a familiar name in the soft skills training and BPO industry. One seems to wonder, what motivated a successful soft skills trainer, doing so well in his field, to turn to the garment industry which must have been a completely new area of work for him. Well, the credit for this goes to none other than his father and mentor Mr. Arun Thakur, who had been associated to both, the garment and export industry since a very long time. The frequent traveling along with meeting/interacting with new and interesting people around the globe for expanding the business is what piqued Luckshay’s interest in his father’s ongoing endeavours.

Here comes the fun part, since Luckshay was previously involved in soft skills, voice and accent training, meeting and interacting new people of diverse nationality and background was  extremely effortless for him. He was able to manage people efficiently and get more and more people onboard with his innovative ideas and amicable personality. Thus, the amalgamation of  his superior skills and technical knowledge with his father’s 30+ years of experience gave wings to a business that is now a benchmark for his competitors.

It has already been close to a year and a half now since Luckshay brought this business to fruition with his sheer hard work and relentless efforts. The business was registered as “Jai Guruji Garments and Exports Pvt Ltd” and the retail store for the same was formally inaugurated on 18th of December, 2022. This was a momentous occasion for the Thakur family and they have never looked back since. The name of their brand is his parents’ choice as they’re true believers of Guruji and his blessings.

Jai Guruji’s strategic advantage lies in its competitive prices and excellent quality. The excellent customer service teamed with affordable prices and best in class products are a rare combination in any new business. These traits have made “Jai Guruji Garments and Exports Pvt Ltd” an overnight success and most importantly a household name in West Delhi by winning customers’ unwavering loyalty and trust in their garments. This reflects in their sales data and the performance of their retail store that is buzzing with patrons and customers at all times of the day.

Luckshay has set a new benchmark and laid down a path of success for budding entrepreneurs to follow. However, there is no shortcut to success and this success story is one to take inspiration from. We can’t wait to see how this business grows in times to come and wish him and his father every success in their forthcoming ventures.

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