Ishwari Katwe – Illuminating and inspiring story of an artist who came out on top when she stood by her inner calling

Ishwari Katwe is well known for her acting in the Marathi television industry. Besides she is a passionate artist and an ad film director who always stood by the saying ‘enough is enough’ and went on to follow her passion.

Every once in a while, there emerge people who listen to their inner calling and go on to follow their passion. Here is the story of Ishwari Katwe who despite having a decent secure job and a stable life did not afraid of treading a path less travelled. She ferociously took the plunge from the corporate into a life of her known as an actor and now an ad film director.

“I always wanted to be an Artist,as I feel I am alive or living my life when I am acting. Together with pursuing graduation, I did not stop working on my passion. Though after completing my graduation, I took a job but eventually I had to quit to follow my passion in acting. However, I did not stop here. I took a step ahead and decided to explore my creative sparks and that is when the ad filmmaker in me took birth.” said Ishwari.

Ishwari made the decision to take a leap of faith and unconditionally and irrevocably vouch for her ambition. To end what may have been a financially secure existence requires great bravery and a fair amount of craziness. Ishwari followed her inner calling and afterwards took a step back and reconsidered her desire to become an actor. She made everyone happy by doing what she felt in her heart to do. She relocated from Aurangabad to Mumbai, began visiting auditions, and eventually was cast in Marathi television shows.

Ishwari chose a different path, adopting her own way of life and following her passion, which propelled her to the pinnacle of success. She made the decision to pursue acting at an early age since she has always been driven and passionate about it. Apparently, she is now making a name for herself in the business not only as an actor but also as a director of commercials. Ishwari exhorts people to follow their passions, emphasizing that nothing worthwhile requires little effort and that persistence and hard work are necessary for success.

As a matter of fact, if you could imagine a formula for success in any field it certainly stems from the four ingredients of life that include talent, passion, Discipline, and Hard Work, and when all four are in place incredible results are inevitable, but ironically talent becomes the icing on the cake. Actor and ad filmmaker, Ishwari Katwe is an example who is soaring high with her passion, discipline, and hard work with a gift of talent. She approached her life with direction – a roadmap that includes where she wants to be.

She concludes “Through my art and passion I found ad filmmaking as a craft of storytelling and visual creation and it is something that I first fell in love with and immersed myself in it. A camera, lenses, and lighting are something that I was attracted to so that I can translate any story into a whole and that is where my true passion lies”

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