Introducing Harshita Rathore : Jodhpur Baisa on a mission to transform people’s health

The lady from Jodhpur was seen managing a craft shop in the heritage area of the city dealing with clients who wanted to seee Indian heritage. A rajput by birth , she always had an inclination towards the strong culture of India. Harshita Rathore’s efforts in transforming peoples health came into limelight when she was seen benefitting her clients with simple home based remedies. People were getting serious ailments cured within days by eating raw cabbage leaves . It was a shock for many others but Harshita Baisa’s knowledge proved it’s working.

Rathore turned raw vegan during after covid times. Since, her shop was selling high before covid, she rarely got time to join her health journey and consult on health, it was a distant dream. Now, Harshita Rathore not only consults but also takes hours of classes to educate people on what to eat and what not to eat. She is a passionate women with a Rajasthani clientele where individuals pester her for Allowing to indulge in hot kachoris and packets of namkeen at the hottest food joints of Jodhpur. All the requests are patiently replied with alternatives from juicy fruits. After few days, the same people comment on their tongue choices after making a habit of relishing natural foods.

Harshita Rathore begins her morning at 3:30 am sharp following her yogic lifestyle. She sets the work day life balance by following her routine everyday. Going on her fruitarian nature, she consumes her first breakfast with delicious fruity smoothies. The photographic presentation of these smoothies would make you weak on your knees. According to Harshita Baisa, smoothies are the best way to start the day with a dash of fruity excitement with natural sugar and raw energy from nature. Coming to her sessions, she has delivered long lectures from topics ranging from dietary habits to poop classification. The information comes from her life-long learnings that were seen, learnt and observed from her family generations. Harshita Rathore mentions a strong presence of her father’s imprint on her life. She says it was her father, Late Sher Singh Rathore, who always trusted her and taught the most nuanced subjects of natural sciences in daily life transferring his tested knowledge to his darling daughter. Late Sher-Singh -Rathore was in the agriculture department in the state government of Rajasthan. Harshita’s father was awarded the state award for his incredible work done single handedly in the famine of early 80’s. He was a teetotaller, vegetarian and followed a Satvik lifestyle through out his lifetime. Harshita Baisa’s father took a 70% raw diet and was a naturopathic practitioner . He did urine therapy treatment, enema, liver and kidney cleansing and had a strong impact in Harshita Rathore’s life.

It all started in 2016 for Harshita Rathore, when she turned Vegan due to her immense love for animals and after seeing the extreme conditions of the animals and the torture which Harshita had witnessed being in Jodhpur. Harshita Rathore was already going through major health issues when she decided to take control of her health and started following a “satvic lifestyle” and started treating herself through naturopathy.

Harshita Rathore treated a lot of her health issues like
kidney stone
weak muscles due to water retention
extreme health conditions due to 6 surgeries and
struggling with mental issues due to abusive marriage and fibrosis
Switching from a regular to a naturopathic and satvic lifestyle, Harshita Baisa was able to reverse her health issues. Baisa says, growing up in an environment of satvic living where her grandfather and father practised naturopathy, it became easier for her to adopt this lifestyle. After many years, Harshita Baisa could pick them up and heal herself through these remedies. Situations change the directions of life. Harshita Baisa was under obesity for over 6 years. Baisa decided to take control of her health and reversed many health issues. For many years, not realising how much weight she has gained, suddenly collapsing and not being able to climb up even a short flight of stairs made Harshita Baisa realised something was drastically wrong which needed to be taken care off.

The hope behind her actions in helping people understand Satvik living is to save them from the pains of ill conceived notions and wrong medications with lots of side effects in due time. Harshita Rathore says, her vision is to bring these home remedies and treatments to people directly by engaging in meaningful sessions and making them realise the power of nature and its offerings.

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