Intelidata Technologies – India’s leading IT start-up led will soon be leading the space in the world of Cybersecurity

Needless to say, cyber security is now essential for businesses of all sizes in today’s modern, technologically advanced world because their networks and computer systems, which contain sensitive and valuable data, are vulnerable to attackers. Your company won’t be able to defend itself against cyber security threats without a multi-layered cyber security strategy, leaving it open to attack from online criminals who will see your business as an easy target.

At the same time, managing cybersecurity is probably at the bottom of the list of things any organization wants to give first priority to. Intelidata Technologies – Full-stack cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment Solution helps companies focus on what they do best, i.e., build a product that users love; while Intelidata take care of its security.

It has been offering cybersecurity services and solutions all across the globe assisting leading multinational companies with IT compliance and the security of their infrastructure.

Within a short period of time, Intelidata Technologies- a global consulting and solutions firm, also moved into the Cybersecurity Products by making the right alliances with the young and highly enthusiastic product strategists and architects. By investing in Research and Development, Intelidata is proud to be one of the few Cyber security start-ups having two unique Cybersecurity Products in its kitty with more under development in the short journey.

Indian, startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving with the increased involvement of women in various business domains and the Indian startup ecosystem has also shown massive growth fuelled by evolving technology. Sapna Shah, Co-founder of Intelidata Technologies, is one such live example. She is backed by her 15 years of experience in the IT industry as a network security specialist, with expertise in Information Risk Consulting, Assessment & Compliance services.

In very short span, she has managed to bring in right set of Pentesters, IT Auditors, Red Teamers and Cyber Security Researchers to build an empowering team. Her business acumen and exceptional people-judging abilities in deciding whom to add to her team deserves a lot of credit.

Claim to Fame – Intelidata Technologies

Intelidata Technologies specializes in Information Security audit, consulting and certification services which include GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI DSS Compliance & Audit, SOC2 Compliance & Audit, PDPA, PDPB to name a few.

Provides a plethora of services that includes DevSecOps Consultancy Services, Source Code Review, SAST & DAST (Applications VAPT), Network Scanning & Hardening, Red Team Assessments, Cyber Risk Advisory Services, Forensic & Cyber Resiliency Audit, Consultant as a Service (Pen testers, Cyber Security Engineers, V CISO, and more)

They use their proprietary context-based risk identification and patching technology to prioritize the vulnerabilities that have the maximum impact on your organization’s business

Managed Services include Vulnerability Management (VM), Threat Intelligence, Information Right Management, SOC as a Service (SOCaaS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Mobile Device Management, CASB, 2FA/ Multi FA Solutions and Zero Trust

Intelidata is proud to have clients across the globe. Intelidata’s global digital presence has been strategically planned to further grow business in the MENA and ASEAN countries.

“THERE’S ONLY ONE THING EVERY CLIENT HAS IN COMMON: THE DRIVE TO IMPROVE”; says Mr. L. L. Jain, another Founder, having 18 years+ experience in IT Compliance. We make sure that our professionals help our clients drive their growth by minimizing risk and maximizing potential. Honest, Open and Ethical behaviour is central to how we operate with unmatched commitment to client satisfaction and success. We help them think beyond compliance, understand the “big picture” and drive value through process improvement; which is beyond compliance and Assessment.

The company started in a bootstrap mode with a significant investment from the promoters. Moving forward, it is going to receive seed funding to build more solutions for multiple layers of Security Architecture and expand its business globally.

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