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A Business Marketing Agency is one which knows how to brand a business, create a buzz about it with great content and attract clients. In this way, hiring a marketing agency helps a business grow by building its customer base and helping it increase its revenue manifold. Investing in a marketing agency is therefore considered to be a wise decision as it elevates a brand’s presence virtually across various platforms thereby building a strong foundation for connecting with the customers through modern advertising strategies.

Mumbai based PD group is one such marketing agency which believes in perceiving things differently to provide its clients with tailor-made solutions that are original and relevant. It offers a wide range of services for social media growth including branding, social media management, marketing consulting and strategy, PR, and influencer marketing.

The Founder Malika Kamboj’s journey of establishing this agency began in the year 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak and businesses stood still. She was greatly concerned about the small scale businesses in India and in an attempt to help them, she started advising shops in her locality to start using Instagram for business. Gradually, she ended up helping seven known family businesses grow on Instagram.

She believes that with communication at the forefront, her venture PD Group makes marketing look less like selling and more like a relatable story. She further states that PD Group’s marketing brain is the one which solves all problems with an open mind, and data-driven approach with an endless supply of specialized tools for a transformative change. As an agency, the Mumbai based marketing brand has helped sixty-five small business in one year besides, bagging prestigious clients like United Nations Development Program, Prakash Jha, International Finance Corporation, Shark Tank India famed brands and many more.

Malika’s initial idea was to disrupt the market and kill it with a holistic and ingenious approach however, currently, it is a unique cross-disciplinary platform for companies—in content, strategy, communication, design, technology, and data—that lays trust in the power of perception.

As humans, everyone has got their glasses on and base their realities on perceptions. While some are rooted, others come with the guideline ‘Viewer discretion advised’. Malika states that the team at PD Group, doesn’t just talk the talk; but walks it too. The marketing agency strives to create that “Aha” moment! thereby evoking memorability in every sense. The firm also helps rebel against the mundane and break additional barriers to leave its clients with a spectacular ROI-the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone’s mind.

PD Group not only provides co tent and design but rather, a whole marketing experience that a brand needs. Their expert market team and unique ideas with out of the box strategies always provides a win-win situation for the clients. The Founder, Malika has always been enthusiastic about bringing passion to the table being inspired by her parents. This spirit fuelled her growth and she aims to build an agency that thrives on the culture of appreciation, exceeding expectations at every opportunity. She is of the opinion that, with great energy, pro-activeness, empathy, integrity and openness, her team displays efficiency, attitude and resilience to serve.

Besides serving various clients in India, PD Group has also worked with clients globally, helping them with their expertise. The marketing agency has a pool of clients in the USA, Singapore, Africa and London. They have worked with four tech brands in Singapore supported by famous institutions like Singapore government, IFC and UNDP. PD Group has also worked on a film promotion of Prakash Jha, named ‘Matto ki Saikal’ where they executed the ‘who’ Marketing campaign for them. They have also made a mark by assisting leading brand Varsha Rainwear- a pioneer in the rainwear industry to double their sales with their performance marketing services.

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