In order to provide help to Silchar’s flood victims, young Dhaga volunteers brave neck-deep water.

Dhaga is a Non-Governmental Organization based in Silchar, Assam registered with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India. It is the brainchild of Pritam Roy, the Founder and a resident of Silchar with the mission of delivering relief in emergencies and providing economic opportunity came into being. Within 3 years since its inception,Dhaga has touched the lives of countless families in the region with its flood relief operation.

Needless to mention, Youths have a very important role to play in social change and social innovation and they have been termed as the notable change agent and drivers of societal transformation who are able to rise and develop their mindset through their various talents or uniqueness. The young philanthropist, Pritam Roy with the sole purpose of bringing new ideas and energy to add to the pool of knowledge, has formed Dhaga to bring enthusiasm and vitality to the youth of the society so that it can lead to new developments for the benefit of the society or even the world at large. Not only the driver of social change but Pritam is also seen to be one of the key drivers engendering change in society and the recent flood relief operation in Silchar is a live example.

As a matter of fact, Silchar, located in the southernmost part of Assam considered to be the “Gateway to Barak Valley” witnessed several flash floods in the past. However, the second largest town of Assam has yet not experienced this kind of massive flooding at such an unprecedented scale that submerged the entire region of Barak Valley and adjoining areas on June 20, 2022. While the district administration continued with their efforts, it was a mammoth task to carry out the flood relief operations and evacuation as the entire town was completely submerged. This is where the youth volunteers of Dhaga NGO have come to the rescuewith the help of the administration with precautionary measures to carry out the mammoth task of flood relief operations and evacuation as the entire town was completely submerged making it difficult for the officials to reach out to families especially located in the narrow passages or lane through the boats.

As Pritam says “In conversation with one of the Block Development Officers who requests to remain anonymous stated that the government has arranged for drinking water and essential items to be delivered to the doorstep, however, the officials themselves are trapped within their homes with water levels up to the chest level, says the official who himself lives in the third floor and travels in and out of his home with the help of a boat. In this scenario, we openheartedly came forward to extend our help with our very best. Though it was difficult for us since we are not trained in the domain of Disaster Management but we are thankful to our local authorities for giving us permission to be a part of this flood relief operation.”

The city was grim but Team Dhaga with its limited number of youth volunteers and sheer enthusiasm began its mission to reach out to families with drinking water, essential food items for infants, biscuits, rice, and pulses. Dhaga strives to create a promising future for its members and the society at large thereby laying a foundation for nation-building and stand by the needy.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Indeed, the feeling of being able to help another soul makes everyone feel priceless and Pritam along with his team members at Dhaga is taking a step towards a better future by doing amazing work and creating a profound impact on society.

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