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Everyone aspires to be different and do something substantial ironically, only a handful seize the opportunity. One can attribute this to the unimaginable strength one needs to start something fresh. One such person who needs to be mentioned is Zeenat Girach who after nearly a decade of experience decided to start afresh and change the lives of kids who dream of the Ivy Leagues or Julliard. While working at an NGO she came across vernacular medium students who struggled with even basic English. The position of communication in society in itself is massive, however, the absence of English from one’s skillset is a detrimental blow. Mashing all these combinations together creates a compelling case for creating a solution to combat this issue with an urgency of the level of DEFCON . The same thought process worked for Ms Zeenat who started IELTSzie, an online coaching firm that strives to get students prepared for the prestigious IELTS exam that enables students to unlock the door opening possibilities to international universities across the globe.

The Brand

Armed with a no-fail approach she has brought in consistent returns that are on par with leading online teaching platforms, coaching institutes and academies. Starting in 2019, the firm has already had a portfolio of over a hundred successful students under its belt. The online teaching platform aims to grow at a higher rate without dropping quality and the scintillating run of successful students.

About Ms Zeenat Girach ,a certified trainer from the British Council herself, she has had over 7 years of experience just teaching students for the IELTS exam. Moreover, a passionate teacher at heart she majored in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) along with the coveted TESOL Canada.

Her teaching experience allows her to keep a holistic view covering speaking, grammar, writing, listening and reading. This enables fluency, and accuracy thus boosting a learner’s confidence. In addition to the hurdles cleared by the IELTSzie team, Ms Zeenat believes that a similar teaching structure sprinkled with a professional curve and sprinkle of consideration can be beneficial for a corporate training situation as well. This corporate training can potentially cover learning English or just brushing up on soft skills that may be desired by a corporate client.

Why are They Successful

Ms Girach has been part of the teaching industry for far too long; this enables her and her skilled team to craft a curriculum that not only permits course completion but equally focuses on essential yet often overlooked goals such as adaptability, simplification and keeping the syllabus concise. Another aspect that can be brought into the limelight is the infusion of motivating students and sustaining that motivation. IELTS is a competitive English exam, thus it does take time to prepare for it. Moreover, different approaches are applicable for various sections of the exam in specific. For instance, the reading section needs knowledge of vocabulary thus memory based questions are imperative which is vastly different to what a writing section question would necessitate wherein the focus is on fluency, grammar and application of the English language itself.

Thus, this adaptability being taken into consideration is a major boost for the students. This point becomes even more important to highlight since people need to how to study even before they pick a book and start to study thus not wasting their precious time which is anyway already limited.

The Way Forward

The firm was a dive into the unknown and so far Ms Zeenat has emerged victorious. COVID-19 had a major impact on the world and online teaching platforms didn’t only ease the pain of people it plugged a gap in education systems across the world, giving results and understanding the problems of students and helping them in achieving their dream of clearing IELTS in the very first attempt of their arduous journey of this tough exam. IELTSzie has a unique way to teach online, making the student get everything at a tip of a button thus letting the student worry about studying and not how to find something on a webpage.

This gap is in education pertains to technology and the firm not only wants to embrace technology going forward but wants to stay true to its roots which are the philosophies of a passionate teacher that saw the trial and tribulations of some kids who couldn’t speak English and push the boundaries in respect to how a curriculum can assist and amplify a student’s growth and mastery in the subject matter. This is reflective of the sentiment a mentor shares for a child in their long journey of studying.

Closing Thoughts The story of Ms. Zeenat Girach is of a person who saw the pain in students and her drive to find a sustainable solution. In return, she not only plugged that hole but also managed to strengthen it by her sheer will and determination. Teachers with such passion are now far few. Therefore it’s now easier to know the roadmap to studying in the country ,one has long dreamed about with IELTSzie.

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