How Unified Council’s Olympiad Exam Helped over 11+ Million Student

Unified Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to science and education. The organization has been developing scientific attitudes and temperaments for over two decades using information technology in the learning process and various events.

The Unified Council holds olympiads in mathematics, science, computer science, and general knowledge. Students in grades 1-12 are eligible to compete in these olympiads. Through this organization, students around the world have an opportunity to test their knowledge, abilities, and memory.

The results of these tests provide detailed information about student’s academic strengths and weaknesses across the prime areas of education from classes 1 to 12. As a result, schools can benchmark themselves against other schools in the country and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses concerning the curriculum and their students’ understanding.

The Assessments have helped many schools improve their education and overall ranking by identifying their strengths & weaknesses and then taking the necessary steps. Till date, 11 million students have benefitted themselves by participating in their Olympiads.

The Unified Council brings together the best minds in education to strengthen the younger generation and nourish their brains for a bright and enterprising future. The Unified Council Team comprises experienced teachers and professionals with extensive school education experience. The team uses their hands-on experience to create and implement solutions based on actual school and teacher needs. Curriculum and educational research serve as the foundation of these solutions.

It is important to focus on the fundamentals. Once equipped with these fundamentals, a student can face the competitive world with equanimity after completing their education. A student must go through a complete evaluation of what they know before choosing higher studies. A student’s fundamental strengths are tested in exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AFMC, CAT, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. Therefore, the entire base must be built as strongly as possible.

Students’ results provide information about their strengths and weaknesses and those of the entire class. Olympiad exams are diagnostic in nature and help students improve their skills practically. In contrast to regular tests, olympiads organized by the Unified Council helps measure how well a student understands the concepts and provide detailed feedback so they can improve further.

In this way, the Unified Council allowed 11 million students to understand how much they know about a concept and enabled them to take immediate proactive measures to prevent conceptual gaps. In the case of students upgrading to higher classes without a proper understanding, the gap can widen, resulting in fear of the subject.

By building a strong foundation and nurturing the minds of young people, the Unified Council strives to prepare them for a bright and enterprising future.


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