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Holistic Rediscovery is a career counselling ed-tech organisation that was founded with the goal of assisting students with the various career options available, as well as holistic health and positive psychology, and finding the best career options for them based on their feasibility for achieving their goals.

When it comes to schooling, career counselling is more important to students in India than anything else. Every student investigates job alternatives based on their interests, and while doing so, they seek assistance from professionals who can assist them in selecting the most appropriate careers for them. This is where Holistic Rediscovery comes into play, assisting students in determining the most appropriate career alternatives for them, as well as the formation of pathways, study plans, and the appropriate roadmap to create milestones so that they may measure their progress.

People’s lives have been shattered as a result of a poor career decision. This selection should not be made hastily; yet, each student possesses a unique set of talents, which can be difficult to detect at times. Holistic Rediscovery under the leadership of Mr. Goutam Mandal, the founder and the career expert, helpsevery student from std VIII bridging the gap between career choices for students with the right field and following the path that fits the lifestyle and talent of every student.

In the words of the founder Mr. Goutam Mandal “Getting the benefit of career counselling is the right of every child and as parents or teachers it is our duty to ensure that they get it so, not because they must understand themselves better but we must also ensure proper selection of career for them”

Parents, as well as students, require direction. Before offering a career to a child, it is critical that we as parents grasp the career’s life cycle. One cannot simply forecast the nature of the job after a few years based on today’s trend. Allow each youngster time to ponder, investigate, comprehend, and make decisions. Holistic Rediscovery is convinced that with adequate counselling and coaching, any youngster can perform miracles and choose a course and job much more readily.

The myriad of products and services offered by holistic rediscovery includes career guidance, Assessment, Assessment with Career Counselling, Assessment with Career Counselling + 1 Year Assistance, a career library, career boosters, and profile building.

With proper career counselling, personal growth, Human behaviour, positive psychology, and handholding, you may help your children restore confidence right away.

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