H&H – Home and Hygiene Launches Premium Range of Personal Care and Hygiene Products – A Problem to Product Journey

It all began in 2020 when a young couple from Nashik city – Tejashree & Rohan realised the amount of plastic waste and environmental pollution that personal care and hygiene products are creating in this country. The amount of space and area these products were occupying in ever shrinking modular homes is huge.

The perfectly reusable spray bottle, the large empty cans are either pile up in homes or end up in garbage bins. They observed a large dedicated shelf occupying big area in pantries or dry balconies of household for storage of this items. They also observed the stains and the marks left behind from acid based cleaners ruined the whole aesthetics of the household. We picture our homes to be ‘perfect’ and this they thought is a hinderance ever since the inception.

This sparked an idea and they started thinking how this problem can be solved effectively. This led to inception of H&H – Home and Hygiene. Tejashree has perused her education in Masters of Business Administration from Pune University and was looking after family business operations. While Rohan is a pass out from IHM Mumbai and did certification program in Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Program from IIM Ahmedabad. After a brief work experience with Thomas Cook (I) Ltd, he decided to join the family business which was majorly OEM based. Both of them inspired with the idea of bringing a solution to the problem, decided to venture out into this.

With the intention of making this world greener and more cleaner H&H – Home and Hygiene researched and created a range of personal care and hygiene products which are premium concentrates and required a lot less packing material thus reducing the amount of plastic we are throwing out in our eco system.

H&H – Home and Hygiene also researched and developed the formulas that are biodegradable and creates no harm to the environment when disposed of properly. The products are completely safe for the use and gives instant reward in the form of ‘feel, fragrance and efficacy’.

They believe this is their small contribution to

– Clean India

– Green India

– Make in India

All H&H products are ergonomically designed to ensure just the right dosage required for each use. Plus they save up to 70 – 75% of storage & shelf space that gives you a lot of room to occupy additional things, the things that you really value. To top it all there is a complete liberty to our users to adjust the efficacy of products. So it’s you who decide the concentration of the products you need.

The prime focus of H&H on customer delight and a keen efforts to put a smile on their face every time they connect made them redesign their process to give a personalised touch points at every interaction they/their products have with customers. As a result every H&H product comes with “your name” on the label and thus enables them to know every customer they are connecting with.

They truly live up to their belief of – “we are because you are”

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