Griffin Publication launches Poonam Tripathy’s Nidhi Ek Adhuri-si Prem Katha on 23 April 22.  The Guest Speakers of the Event were Dr. Subhash Kr Gautam, Professor of Delhi School of Journalism, Founder of Gandhiji ka Pathshala, Dr. Trilok Nath Pandey, Professor, a prominent writer, Journalist, Social; Activist having a vast experience of working with All India Radio, and Television too and Dr Basundara Mishra, Professor of Hindi of Kolkata Bhawanipur Education Society and IGNOU, a Writer, Editor, and Translator. Students of Delhi School of Journalism graced the show too.

The show was hosted by Unnati Shahi, a student of Journalism from Rajasthan.

Nidhi Ek Adhuri-si Prem Katha is a Hindi Novella carrying the story of an Army Officer and an NCC Cadet who fall in love, but destiny is too cruel to gift them their union. The book projects the true meaning of love, sacrifices of Indian Army, the real face of our Society and the plight of a woman in our society. The language is simple with the added beauty of Nepali words which make the story very real. Author Poonam Tripathy beautifully narrated the love between Major Thapa and Nidhi and the struggles aftermath. The story is extremely emotional letting the readers feel their moist eyes.

Dr Shubhash Kr Gautam highly appreciated the author for her book and spoke on Sexuality, society, love and marriage portrayed in the story. Dr Trilok Nath Pandey congratulated the author for her efforts in researching and adding the taste of Nepali Language in the book which successfully presents the authentication of the scenes in the story. Dr Basundara Mishra while appreciating the author and the book expressed the emotional turbulences faced by a woman in our society, her identity and the need of development and change in the mindset of the people to bring in a better change in our society. 

Author Poonam Tripathy was interviewed by Unnati Shahi, the host. Author Poonam described the theme and the background of her novella briefly and explained the idea and thoughts which led her write this book.

Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva CEO Griffin Publication congratulated the author and expressed her concern towards Language and Literature. She urged the present generation to buy books and develop the habit of reading and writing to safeguard the worth of Language and Literature. She said,

“After all, a writer exists only with the existence of the readers…”

The show ended with a very enlightening discussion on Love, Society, Marriage and Language.

Nidhi Ek Adhuri-si Prem katha is available on amazon and Flipkart.

Here is the link to grab your copy –

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