Green Warrior Navina Jafa honoured – Performing Arts for Environment

Renowned Cultural Technocrat and Kathak dancer Navina Jafa was honoured with the title “Green Warrior” by CHETNA, an NGO celebrating its 25th anniversary in New Delhi. Anil Sood, CHETNA’s honorary President, applauded Jafa’s efforts to connect performing arts with environmental activism, highlighting her work to protect trees in Delhi.

Jafa and her team from “The Centre for New Perspectives” collaborated with street performers during CHETNA’s Oxygen Festival in 2019 to address air pollution in Delhi creatively. The team comprised Urban historian Shailaja Kathuria, Artist Kate Bowen, and water sustainability expert Fawzia Tarannum, along with Street performers – Snake charmers – Shishanath and Mahipal, Street Magicans – Rehman and Junaid Shah, Puppeteers – Puran and Ajeet Bhatt, and Bahurupiya ( traditional impersonator) Shamshad Khan. Navina Jafa and her entire team also participated in a Heritage Walk in Mehrauli, Delhi, to preserve water bodies.

Continuing her dedication, Jafa leverages traditional knowledge and creative literature to address modern environmental challenges. One example is “Yamuna-Ashtakam,” a Kathak dance drama for G-20, where Jafa as River Yamuna collaborated with street performers to convey vital messages on river pollution. Writer Ajeet Caur bestowed upon her the title “Green Warrior” for her outstanding contribution.

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