Gayithri- Mrs Unity Queen of India

Women are capable and they possess all that’s required to change the world and the course of the way things usually happen. Their determination and efforts have the power to perform miracles and even make the impossible possible. They are multi talented and can multi task and even excel and show their prowess in everything. One such talented woman is Gayithri Rajashekar Nagendra, who is now working in KPTCL – SRS – Peenya. Gayithri is so versatile that at the age of 43, she was recently named “Brand Ambassador (Classic) Mrs. Unity Queen India” and assumed the new role.

Gayithri joined KPCL as an Assistant Engineer after completing her Mechanical Engineering and worked for 14 years in Raichur Thermal Plant, followed by 2 years in Yermarus Thermal Power Station, and finally in SGS Sharavathi Generating Station. Even though she pursued engineering and joined KPCL, there is a shade in Gayithri who loves to play sports. Right from her school days, Gayithri used to play chess a lot, mastering the game gradually and gaining a lot of expertise in the game. Her love and respect for chess earned her the chance to represent KPCL at the national level, and she has been a part of more than 6 national level tournaments. She was awarded as the Board winner twice and was also awarded as the Best Women’s player in an international FIDE rated tournament held at RWF, Yelahanka in 2016. Gayithri is also a dancer and has given many stage performances and had organized many department events.

Apart from sports and work, Gayithri gave her all to social activities and women empowerment. Gayithri is the founder secretary of Women’s Employee Association. Gayithri had an innate belief that women excelled in a variety of arts and crafts, but that they lacked access to a suitable platform to highlight and showcase their abilities to the rest of the world. After realising this, Gayithri has dedicated herself to doing everything she can to provide women with the necessary platform to pursue their passions. The journey is not a ride on a smooth road. Gayithri had to face a lot of setbacks, comments and criticism, but the thought of stopping in the middle never occurred to her even once. Gayithri’s never-say-die attitude and competitive spirit helped her develop into a leader, and her peers began to put their faith in her.

Regarding the Unity Queen of India title, Gayithri says that every woman aspires to be a model at some point in her life and, likewise, Gayithri also dreamt of becoming a model one day. She adds that she is so delighted to win “Mrs Unity Queen Of India” and claims that it is like a childhood dream come true for her. Like the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibilities.” Gayithri is now focusing on using this opportunity and platform to help people and work for the welfare of women. As a person, Gayithri is very close to her family and loves to learn about life from the experience of the elderly, and she thanks her parents, family, and everyone for supporting her throughout the process of accomplishing her dream. Gayithri would also like to thank her friends from several 10-15 groups and colleagues who have been a part of her journey right from the start. 



Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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