From the Upcoming Release of Friend Indeed App, Young Decade IT Software Solution is Moving Towards Success

The turning point is a series of short articles that focus on the moment entrepreneurs hit upon their winning idea. This week, we feature an Indore-based company that is a brand craver and shapes your brand with their digital hands.

Young Decade IT Software Solution is a software development company that provides cutting-edge designing services, supports more than 500 companies, and resolves the toughest complicated problems that frequently occur throughout clients’ agile development projects. They have been a pioneering and reliable software partner on a worldwide scale.

Indore-based IT service solution company Young Decade was founded in November 2014 by Prabal Raverkar and Sumit Kaushal. Young Decade IT Software Solution is one of the few companies that comes in top 2 % for mobile application services. 

In the modern specialized era, innovation and development are essential tools to establish trust, and imaginativeness steadily grows in comfort and relaxation. Young Decade’s main objective is to create a working environment that is highly structured, conducive, and coordinated and this has brought it into the limelight.

Mobile applications are a popular approach used by businesses to attract, acquire, and engage target customers. Young Decade encourages you to establish and build your business with the use of technological innovation and change it digitally, whether you are expanding your organization online or concentrating on a brand-new endeavor.

The Eureka Moment

The directors, Prabal Raverkar and Sumit Kaushal, finished their Bachelor of Engineering in IT in 2011 and had a clear aim for entering the IT industry. While other people were captivated by the technological potential, Prabal and Sumit saw a distinct route to success. They recognised that, despite the dominance of digital innovators, many corporations were still among the wealthiest individuals in the world today. 

In 2019, in the center of the city, Young Decade bought their own office. With over 1000+ successfully developed mobile applications, Young Decade is now working on the new application named “Friend Indeed”. 

Friend Indeed is an app that provides a secure forum for people to anonymously express their concerns and discover solutions via phone or chat. Anyone can use the app to express themselves and receive assistance without fear of being judged or exposed.

The key takeaway from the Young Decade success story is the tactical launch and steady growth of the company using the capital available.

“Young Decade uses its strengths in creative thinking, development, portability, and customer service to open up new revenue-generating opportunities for its clients and to save costs while enabling them to transmit messages more quickly and better supervise and drive ideal results for their businesses. We welcome change and are always changing. With the common objective of producing outstanding work, we challenge and raise one another.” Prabal Says 

What next? “Moving forward, we aim to continue this upward trajectory, setting a new goal of tripling our growth in the next 12 months, equivalent to a 3x increase. Our long-term goal is to see the success of our new app ‘Friend Indeed.’” states Sumit.

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