Famelinks – A gateway to fashion industry for all aspiring models

Who wouldn’t want to become a star, get famous all over the world and get easily recognized in any corner of the universe? This might be a casual fantasy to many people but for few, this is a serious dream they wish to achieve and put efforts to become a star. It is not an easy task to become a model and there are no predefined paths to become a sensation. One might need an excellent platform that helps one to reach wider audience and claim good name and fame. If not for a decent amount of audience, even lion’s share of talent and content might go in vain. Famelinks is one such platform that organizes world’s greatest beauty contests that recognizes talents and beauties from all over the earth.

Famelinks organizes various beauty contest with unique themes and concepts which have the tendency to reach all corners and make normal people turn into celebrities. All of these beauty contests are open to everyone and anyone can participate in them. There are several other platforms that promise to popularize common people but what differentiates Famelinks from all of them is that its inexpensive nature. Anyone can register in the Famelinks for free and get a chance to compete with different types of people from different parts of the world. Famelinks provides the registered users an opportunity to let them introduce to everyone and divulged in the world of luxury, stardom and celebrities. 

The voting and the finalization of winners in the Famelinks’ beauty contest in transparent and unbiased and is completely based on the responses from the audience. The voting system is based on the hearts where three types of hearts such as full heart which represents that the performance is outstanding, a half heart represents that the performance is quite good but there is a chance for improvements and where as a broken heart represents that the performance is not up to the mark. The team at Famelinks feels that this way can be the better way to provide feedback to the users performances and this can motivate them to prove themselves. 

Famelinks is a one stop solution to those who wish to become a model but do not know where to start and whom to approach. All the process starts with a simple registration and uploading a beautiful selfie. Famelinks provides the users with all of the essential features that’s required by the aspiring models to learn more and engage more. The app shows all the activity performed by audience related to the user and lets the audience contact the models through the chat option. If a model wins a beauty contest, that model will be placed in the Hall of Fame forever even though new winners are announced for every beauty contest. Famelinks will be also organizing trends telling about various topics and the winners will be awarded with sponsored gifts from the organizing brands as well. You can set your trend and get recognised in my people  and brand. In addition to these, the app also shows the complete insights of how well the audience are reacting to the posts and performances by the model.

Famelinks is providing all the aspiring models a chance to grow and showcase their talents and skills and reach out to a wider section of the society. The app has been doing very well and is popular among many celebrities and fashion aspirants. The team at Famelinks is trying to include important information and updates about fashion and lifestyle in the app. Famelinks is also organsing a brand ambassador contest where the winner will get the golden chance to represent Famelinks in their area. Famelinks is also conducting film auditions with the motive to introduce talented common individuals to the movie industry under the program “Ticket to Bollywood” where the selected models will get a chance to debut under a famous production house. Famelinks app is not just limited to models but this can be used to express anything like singing, dancing, painting and many other skills. The upcoming features are job for talents, and contestants can go live too. In short, Famelinks is being the driving force and catalyst to all the aspirants.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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