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Mere earning a good amount of money is not enough. If you don’t know how to manage your finances well, you’ll end up falling in a hole. Because as you earn more, you should be aware of tax laws concerning the GST and income tax kind of things. Else you’ll have to face unpredictable hurdles.

Many tax consultancies have been working in this way to help people to guide them through their wealth and financial management. They give the proper direction and guide them by showing them the ways of paying income tax,GST,IT returns and ways of saving taxes.

eTaxAdvisor Consultancy is one such taxation consultancy which provides financial solutions to people by educating them about the tax laws and guiding them to pay the taxes. Founded by Subhrangsu Sekhar Dey in 2019, eTaxAdvisor has been the brand of Digihub Solutions which provides the legal solution related to the startup idea, finance and tax consultancy, tax audit, GST Audit & taxation for your business & company.

Subhrangsu has completed M.Sc in chemistry from Amity University. He is a gold medalist in his university. As every business owner’s family expects, he also went on to take up his family business of distributor pesticides and fertilizers. But Covid 19 pandemic had a bad effect on their business family too. They suffered losses and eventually had to wrap up the business. So alternatively he had to take on a different way for livelihood. He chose to become the LIC insurance agent.

Subhrangsu was from a small town called Paschim Medinipur where the market size is small and business opportunities are small. Meanwhile, the Covid 19 pandemic also had hit people hard and it was difficult for any business to pick up. And the insurance sector was no exception. So, Subhrangsu couldn’t succeed there either.

But his economic condition was bad as his family expenses were rising,  they were in dire need of money for hospital expenses too. On top of this loan repayments, EMIs were becoming a big burden on his shoulder. So alternatively he started studying digital marketing also. But luck didn’t favor him there either.

 Subhrangsu took the franchise for Taxation. But there the expenses of ITR filing charges were so high. So he thought people may not turn towards his business. But this time, they held his hands. Slowly his business started taking up the pace. His business venture eTaxadviser Consultancy officially took birth in 2019 to help people to impart knowledge of taxation and ITR filings.

Simultaneously he took training from CA Firm &  Fintax online to excel in the field. He utilized YouTube and books to learn the knowledge of Tax and laws. He even pursuing an LLB course from Madhusudan Law University,  which would be supplementary for his business too.

Until the end of 2022, Subhrangsu has completed around 1000 ITR filings and incorporated 17 Private Limited Companies. 7 LLPs and 200 GST registrations.  eTaxadcviser now has 5 branches in West  Bengal in Kolkata, Midnapur, Belda, Mohanpur and Jankapur. His company provides the services like

-Company/LLP registration

-GST registration

-ITR Filling For Business

-ITR for Govt/Non Govt employees

-Tax Audit & Trademark services

-Tax consultancy and many more.

Financial education is very important these days. The curbing laws are tightening so that contributing to the society through paying tax and filing ITR. In this way Subhrangsu Sekhar Dey is working hard to help people through eTaxAdviser Consultancy. Their goal is to provide easy and positive solutions for their clients. They work hard to provide the best work and services at low cost. Their works speak for their identity. They stand by their promise to save their clients’ hard earned money and double or triple that.

The parent company of eTaxAdviser Consultancy’s parent company Digihub Solutions also works towards providing digital marketing solutions like app building, website  building, App marketing and many more.

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