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In today’s society, education is a valuable asset, and a decent education ensures a secure future. However, today’s education business is incredibly competitive, and picking the proper path for oneself in this ever-growing field has become a massive task. To eliminate the confusion of the students and the parents Eduethic came into existence with a plethora of options and a mission to simplify the search of the students for their dream college, course, university, and what not?Eduethic makes the entire process of student and college, university, and course selection easier than ever before, with a focus on supporting a positive education ecosystem for all stakeholders in the education sector, including both educational institutions and students.

Eduethic is an educational consultancy that helps students, parents, and other beneficiaries with educational planning by providing a number of services like college planning and admission, secondary school admission, foreign university admission, course advisory, career counseling, and coaching on all subjects together with trainings and so on. They provide directions for systematic problem fixtures, and improvisation of the learning atmosphere so that the college selection process of the studentsbecomes easier not just in India but abroad. Eduethic brings all the required information under a single roof so that itallows students to make decisions regarding their careers. Currently, Eduethic offers its servicesin the following courses from top-tier colleges and universities all across the globe.

  • Management; Science & Engineering
  • Banking & Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Animation, VFX, Gaming & Comics
  • Hospitality, Aviation & Tourism
  • Media, Films & Mass Communication
  • Design; Medicine, Beauty & Health Care
  • Retail; Arts, Law, Languages & Teaching
  • Medical courses
  • Engineering courses
  • Business courses

In the words of the co-founder, Mr. Divya Prakash “We value education, and it is our commitment to improving India’s educational system that has motivated us to provide this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every student by giving a 360-degree end-to-end solution. We deliver on our promises with a wide range of alternatives that allow students to interact with colleges and universities and choose which one to attend. We also assist in the removal of barriers to coaching center admission. Our mission is to provide the best advice with a free flow of information so that both parties benefit and we can build the perfect education system that our children deserve.We will also be launching a messaging app in the next few days, where students can directly communicate with us about any queries or information.”

No doubt, the world is changing, and so is the educational landscape, where hundreds of new opportunities emerge every second, and Eduethic leaves no stone unturned in keeping up with all of the information and keeping people informed through live sessions held on their website’s online chatting platform. They collaborate with schools and universities all across the globe to help create a positive educational environment, not just as advisors, but also as guides who assist students in exploring their true potential.

“With every problem, there is a solution,” as the phrase goes, and that is where Eduethic comes in as a savior for all students and parents looking for the finest plan to reach their academic goals.Besides, Eduethic offers educational institutions, bloggers, and students a variety of opportunities with the primary purpose of assisting education partners in adapting to the ever-changing online operations. Educational institutions can also collect student data using Eduethic, allowing students to connect with their preferred schools and universities and apply for admission.Eduethic exists to transform the way people are educated, and this has been shown to be a valid cause for their success.

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