Dr Monica Balakrishna – Transforming Lives Through Her Service to Humanity

Dr. Monica Datta Balakrishna is a Dubai-based business owner and the founder of DIGI INFO Trading LLC, a leading IT and security solutions company established in 2007. She is also the founder and president of the Karanishan Charitable Foundation and a passionate digital creator.

Her professional journey began soon after completing her graduation course, in which she bagged three university gold medals. Following that, she started a part-time coaching business in 2001 in Chennai for students wanting to learn business English communication. The business was a huge success and picked up pace in the first year itself, having around 32 students initially and growing up to 125. During this time, Dr. Monica also worked a full-time job for Modi Telecommunications and Wipro as a business analyst.

After relocating to Dubai in 2005, she established her own IT and security solutions company, specialising in biometric technology and related ERP, HR, and attendance software, as well as other security products. The company’s head office is located in Dubai, and it soon spread across other corners of the world, expanding its branches to the UAE, Canada, the UK, and India. Dr. Monica’s professionalism and dedication to her business helped DIGI INFO Trading LLC become a leading enterprise in the IT and security solutions sector, trading globally. 

In addition, Dr. Monica Balakrishna established the Karanishan Charitable Foundation in 2017 with the goal of serving humanity by assisting less fortunate people in obtaining the basic necessities of life with equal dignity and respect. Karanishan Charitable Foundation is a Chennai-based Section 8 NGO with an 80G income tax exemption for donors, whose mission is to ensure a sustainable living environment for migrant and poor families through the provision of nutrition, education, health, vocational and life skills training, and counselling services.

The NGO’s 12 A and 80G permissions are projected towards social welfare and the implementation of four main projects aimed at delivering specific objectives. These include Project Ahaar, which focuses on free food distribution to the poor and needy. Under this project, the foundation distributes five hundred meals every day near the Tata Cancer Hospital in Mumbai to family members of cancer patients staying on the road. The second project, Project Shiksha, is aimed at providing free basic education to kids residing in slums through online classes that are conducted free of charge through DIGI online academy.

Besides, Project Ashray is an attempt to support homeless mentally challenged people with clothes, food, and medicines. Project Ashray helps floods and heavy rain affect 11 villages in Assam and West Bengal by providing clothes, medicine, food, grocery kits, tarpaulin sheets, and other basic necessities to cover their huts.

The Karanishan Charitable Foundation encompasses four old age homes and two orphanages and is actively involved in providing welfare services throughout India. In addition, the NGO also played a vital role during the Corona pandemic by distributing masks, sanitizers, free meals, donating oxygen concentrators, and creating public awareness about vaccination.

Dr. Monica Balakrishna’s efforts as a social worker have made a huge difference and laid a solid foundation for community development and capacity building within the local migrant and low-socio-economic community. She has also received the title of “All India Women Achiever” for her outstanding contributions to community service. Apart from this, as an entrepreneur, Dr. Monica believes that continuous failures lead to improvement and growth. She advises the young entrepreneurs not to give up too early, as consistency is the key to success.

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