Dr Amit Parihast – The master of Accountancy and an exemplary teacher for two decades.

A teacher, it goes without saying, plays a critical role in a student’s life. Teachers are the ones that bring out the best in kids and motivate them to achieve their full potential. Students are regarded as the nation’s and humanity’s future, and a teacher is seen as a trustworthy guide for their progress. Dr Amit Parihast has had an indisputable impact on thousands of pupils over the previous two decades as a teacher. Youths are, without a doubt, the nation’s future, as they are responsible for carrying out crucial activities in a variety of fields and supporting society in various ways. Apart from parents, it is to Dr Amit’s credit that his students are encouraged to grow up to be lovely human beings in the future.

Dr Amit Parihast chose this profession with the mission of providing the best possible guidance to help the students reach their desired career goals by following the path of hard work and consistently doing the same with the stress-free pattern. As an innovator in the field, he has been teaching accounts passionately for two decades while being completely devoted to the subject. His approaches and strategies are limitless and unrestricted, making accountancy more fun and approachable. His efforts to establish a friendly relationship with the pupils allow them to express themselves better, and their problem is disclosed in greater depth, making it more approachable.

He shares his journey in a crux “Teaching accounting is always a joy for me. I hope I can share part of this happiness with you! I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce with honors. After that, I finished my master’s degree in Commerce and went on to get my MBA (Marketing). For my Commerce thesis, I received a doctorate. I currently serve on the Advisory Board of the Centre4knowledge (C4K), a “COMMERCEFLAGSHIP” ® unit. At the moment, I am a lecturer at the respected IP University. For the past 16 years, I’ve been advising the GURUGRAM district and HARYANA state topper. I’ve taught over 200 successful CPAs as a result of this. Students under my guidance were able to gain admission to a number of top universities around the world, including KING’S COLLEGE LONDON, LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS, LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL, Warwick University, Nottingham University, University of Texas, Delhi University, and a number of others both in the UK and abroad.”

Indeed, being a teacher isn’t simple, and they have to deal with a lot throughout their careers, and some characteristics distinguish a good teacher from a great one. The situation with instructors is no different. Teachers must be the candidates’ ideals, and they must hold them in the highest regard. Only then will we be able to ensure that the kids are following in their teacher’s footsteps. Dr Amit Parihast has had a significant impact on his students’ lives, and he not only serves as a role model for them but also provides them with the necessary assistance to help them move on in their lives.

EnGame Publishing House, in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and entrepreneur hunt is honoured to present Dr Amit Parihast with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 for his remarkable and uncommon contribution in the life of the student even during the Pandemic and stood tall as a realistic role model and a source of inspiration for the society. Since the lockdown, he has been delivering Accounts tuition online as well as offline in Gurgaon to ensure the safety of the students.

He concludes with his words, “I always feel better when I teach, no matter how I’m feeling. When students tell me that they used to despise accounting and couldn’t grasp it, but that after learning with me, they now enjoy it because of the easy and logical strategies and techniques I teach them. Every book, study material, and practice material I’ve published attempts to teach significant topics in a way that allows students to learn them without fear.”

Claim to Fame – Dr. Amit Parihast

  • He has given CBSE Gurgaon district topper for the last 17 years, ISC Gurgaon district topper for the previous six years, and Delhi CBSE state commerce topper three times in his 19 years of teaching expertise.
  • He had taught over 200 successful CA/CMA/CS.

Dr Amit Parihast is specialized in providing commerce tuition for classes 11th and 12th in Gurgaon. You can also find Dr Amit Parihast as an Accounts tutor near me.Visit to learn more – https://www.amitparihast.com/

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