Dodge the Risk with Advocate & Consultant, Dr Ajay Kumar Pandey’s Pro-Active Precautionary Litigation

When we speak about virtuosity in the arena of Law, we cannot miss out on the name of Dr. Ajay Kumar, the prodigy whose vast experience is par excellence.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey is a fifty-two years old advocate whose expertise and skills are well-known in the Supreme Court as well as the High Courts. He is the Founder of 4 C Supreme Law International Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai (, one of India’s leading International law firms in the areas of Commercial, Criminal, Civil and Constitutional Law.

The firm is broadly in the Litigation and Consultancy business of Law and Management, providing services at all levels of the judiciary by dealing in significant areas of law. The litigation field involves dealing in cases of corporate bodies, criminal nature, civil and constitutional matters, as well as family and matrimonial issues.

Besides being an Advocate & Consultant, Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey is also a Sr. Journalist and the National Spokesperson of Lok Janshakti Party (NDA Govt. led by PM Modi). He is an alumnus of the prestigious University of Allahabad and is a senior member of various national and international bodies, including the International Council of Jurists, UK, Harvard Square, London. He also holds a Ph.D. Degree in Corporate Law from Madhav University, Rajasthan, and an MBA degree in International Marketing from Bedfordshire University, UK.

He has earned laurels in varied fields, ranging from advocacy, media, corporate, international diplomacy & foreign trade, social and political work, aviation, chamber of trade and commerce, education, films, drama, poetry, and writing, and also as a corporate business coach. Additionally, he is also a certified pilot and a trainer from Blair Singer Institute, USA.

Moreover, Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey is known to be the only Advocate in India having ground-level work experience in handling matters involving litigation abroad. Based out of the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, his international law firm has offices in India and abroad and is active in various domains of the industry ranging from advising and taking up litigation tasks for top-notch corporate clients, individuals, politicians, bureaucrats and Bollywood celebs.

Since its inception, Supreme Law International has maintained an unwavering commitment to trying cases and brokering favourable settlement agreements for its clients. Being a boutique law firm with dedicated trial attorneys having over 40 years of combined experience, Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey’s work profile expands beyond national borders and ranges from advisory to litigation in areas such as investment, real estate, education, visa, immigration, PR, NRIs legal issues, Company formation, Honeymoon marriages, and others.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Pandey states that his law firm is the only one to discourage litigation as it is guided by the philosophy of renowned US lawyer, Abraham Lincoln. He prefers pro-active precautionary litigation and firmly believes in the guiding principle in the practice of law, “act before the law acts on you.” He also takes pride in stating that his firm has solved numerous criminal cases at the investigation stage itself, thereby saving clients from going to jail. Additionally, he claims a success rate of over 90 percent, when it comes to successfully solving the case.

Among his notable achievements include the Best Criminal Lawyer, Supreme Court of India honour by Ex CJI Justice Bala Krishana and the Winner of Best Editor Award for State Time, Delhi and Jammu. He has also received the Best National Spokesperson Award and is a widely quoted and featured Advocate in media and television shows. In addition, Dr. Ajay has also authored thirteen books and written over three thousand articles, all published in leading newspapers and magazines.

His company ensures that the law is followed in its letter and spirit in order to avoid any unwanted litigation later and strongly advises people of the saying, ‘come to us before the law comes to you.’

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