Discover a new side of Nazi Germany’s history with Manjunath Mullangi’s novel “Daughter’s War, Understanding the History Better.”

Manjunath Mullangi is an IT Solutions sales professional and Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Mysore University;

This is his First Novel Launch, storytelling has always been his passion.

Link to “Daughter’s war,  Understanding the history better”

1. What is the core of your book?

Ans- Core of the Book, is Viewing the past History, incidents in a new way, and this is how I have presented the same in a Novel format in a Thrilling way.

2. How do you define your relationship with the subject matter?

Ans- I have seen documentaries and read articles on Second world war incidents which were key turning points in History of Nazis, which are very interesting, surprising.

3. What is your inspiration in writing this book?

Ans- I, as a Mechanical Engineer, always appreciated the high-quality Engineering products that Germans make, and was wondering how such a strong cultured society can make a mistake of holocaust & eliminating millions.

I was also travelling to my Native and met a co-passenger who was a German . While

chatting with him during the 4 hour journey, I was surprised to know his deep knowledge of our Indian culture, our temple designs, and the gods that we worship. And he was just a one time traveller to India. That gave me some clarity of culture, mind power of Germans.

4. How did your book come into existence?

Ans- I saw Second World War documentaries, and they were using words like ‘Germany Surrenders’, ‘Germans Invade’ etc., and somehow when I got deep into the incidents, Nazism was not a country concept at all as they were killing a section of their own Citizens. For me it was evident that Nazis were Criminals who even made Patriotic Germans who loved their Country to fight for them.

This is how my Novel “Daughter’s War, Understanding the History Better” came into existence.

Author details:-

From Hyderabad, India- Manjunath Mullangi

Facebook: Author Manjunath M


Instagram @manjunathauthor

Link to “Daughter’s war, understanding the history better”

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