Damji Dhiraoo & Sons moves to the next level with right solutions in Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding for all major ports of the world

In its four decades of journey, the company has established itself as one of India’s leading customs clearance and freight forwarding service providers. Damji Dhiraoo & Sons was founded in 1980 by the Late Mr. Damji Dhiraoo Bhanushali. The company’s team is hence currently taking a family legacy ahead by providing exclusive custom clearance services with enhanced freight forwarding services for major ports of the world

Damji Dhiraoo & Sons is a Registered Custom House Agent (CHA) handling operations related to export and import shipments across various ports within the country. The company’s corporate office is based in Mumbai with branches and associates located at various other locations within India like Gandhidham, Kandla,Mundra and Porbandar

Damji Dhiraoo & Sons possesses much knowledge in logistics, fostered by years of experience. The company saves time and energy through integrated services that match user needs and offer optimum distribution to international businesses.

Damji Dhiraoo & Sons provides exceptional Custom Broking Services. Since it was founded, the company has steadily grown as a reliable and reputed Custom Broking Agent, providing world-class Custom Clearing Services from India.

It is noteworthy that Damji Dhiraoo & Sons is a pioneer as Launch Agents. Since the 1980s, the company is a pioneer in India providing Chartering services for Wooden CountryCraft / Breakbulk vessels for Export / Import Trade across various ports within the country and overseas ports such as Gulf and Upper Gulf Ports and Somalian Ports such as Mogadishu, Port of Berbera, Port of Bosaso, Yemen, etc.

Why choose Damji Dhiraoo & Sons

There are several key benefits that Damji Dhiraoo & Sons provides, which would make you select its service for customs clearance and freight forwarding of your export / import shipments.  The unique selling point of Damji Dhiraoo & Sons is its reliable, effective, and smooth customs clearance along with the best ocean freight services.

Apart from that the company provides the following benefits:

  • All key activities, such as container booking, transportation, and documentation, are managed under one roof at the most competitive rates.
  • Expert in handling perishables as well as other food commodities.
  • Skilled personnel with prior experience
  • Stable Infrastructure
  • Precision Documentation
  • Excellent working relationships with major shipping lines and carriers of the world

The way ahead

The way ahead for Damji Dhiraoo & Sons is being paved under Guidance of Late Mr Mohan D Bhanushali , Mr Jawahar D Bhanushali and Mr Ashok D Bhanushali followed   by 3rd generation entrepreneurs, Mr Harsh M Bhanushali , Mr Kushal J Bhanushali and Mr Parth A Bhanushali  who are taking the business to the next level.

Being the grandsons of the Founder, Late Mr Damjibhai Bhanushali, Harsh,Kushal and Parth now have the responsibility to take ahead the family legacy business of customs clearance & freight forwarding to a new higher levels

After MBA in finance & intensive research in export & imports shipments, Harsh understood the difficulties faced by exporters/importers. That drove him to provide the right knowledge and help shippers to make customs clearance and freight forwarding reliable and easy.

Kushal and Parth right now state that, “Over the years, Damji Dhiraoo & Sons has progressed to the point where it performs customs clearance for over 1000 containers per month and freight forwarding for more than 2000 containers monthly.”

But now the team at Damji Dhiraoo & Sons has refused to rest on its laurels. The company is ready to move ahead with its new venture, Ramyshaa Commercial Pvt Ltd, where the vision and mission are to help shippers get the best available freights for worldwide ports from India to make their costs effective. To conclude , one must Connect to Ramyshaa Commercial Pvt Ltd as we strive and are working hard for shippers to connect with the world smoothly and effectively

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