CyberFrat’s CFfeine Trip: A Revolutionary Platform for Undergraduates in the IT Industry.

If you are a budding techie, this is the right chance for you to excel. 

When the right opportunity strikes for enthusiastic techies, why miss it. A hackathon comes from the word hacker and marathon, i.e., it is a social event that invites computer programmers and other tech galvanizers to improve or make a new software program. These are conducted for people who are interested in the tech world and gauge the computer compass well! Main Purpose of the hackathon is to create functioning software/hardware by the end of the event. Many technical, and engineering departments and web-based companies conduct hackathons for promoting intrapreneurship and innovation. The first event known as a hackathon was the OpenBSD Hackathon which was held in Canada in 1999. Hackathons provide opportunities that Cultivate a student’s social networking skills, Inspire healthy competition, Boost confidence in students, Help in building robust resume profiles, Give exposure to potential employers, Foster public speaking and develop superior problem-solving skills.

There are many reasons why being a part of a hackathon changes your life. Apart from professional benefits, a hackathon adds in 1. A sense of Accomplishment- Anybody can participate in the event, but once you win it, it is a sense of accomplishment that stays with you till your last breath. With all the learnings and hands-on experience, winning is the cherry on top! 2. Learning technical skills– Mechanical skills learned from peers and competition boosts the experience compared to learning in a class of students or an online session. 3.Grip of new technology- The hackathon team that wins, joins the tech companies. This helps in using new systems and technologies. Learning about the best software, be it quantum computing or augmented reality, the winners as well as participants get the feel of it. 4. Networking– The platform offers you to be around like-minded tech enthusiasts who have the zeal to learn, try, fail, and collaborate for the project. The bonds you create here are not just for the hackathon but can be created for life in the form of friendship or business partners. One may never know! 5.Meeting knowledgeable professionals– the presence of professionals itself alters the vibration in the event. Their personality, knowledge, skills, and guidance set a groundwork for participants to start from. This would also help in determining a career path.


CFfeine Trip is a Technical Program for undergraduate students that aims to provide them with an opportunity to upskill, work on industrial projects, and network with industry professionals. It is a year-long initiative by CyberFrat, a community-driven platform for cybersecurity professionals, and is designed to be the longest ever hackathon. The program offers more than 20 online courses in areas such as Digital Forensics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Security, the Internet of Things, Data Privacy, and more. The topics which are crucial for the IT students. Industrial projects will also be assigned to students, giving them the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain valuable experience. There will be plethora of group discussions, presentations and live industry projects. Also they will get mentorship from industry experts and there will be 2 weeks of training period in which they will learn in deep about the same. CFfeine Trip is open to undergraduate students across India, and it encourages student collaboration from across the country. The program also provides amazing internship and job opportunities to the participating students. CFfeine Trip also offers tech-flooded prizes such as Kindle, Alexa, Smartphones, and Air dopes! In addition, there is a prize pool of 5 Lakhs which is sure to excite the participants. Overall, it is a truly exciting opportunity for undergraduates to gain valuable skills, experience, and networking opportunities, as well as win some amazing prizes.

The face behind this amazing initiative - Mr. Gaurav Batra is a highly experienced tech entrepreneur, risk advisor, and cyber-security professional with over 17 years of direct experience in the field. He is the Founder and CEO of CyberFrat, a community-driven platform for cybersecurity professionals. Batra has extensive knowledge of IT-business alignment, large-scale project deployment, and organization-wide security deployments. He has worked with numerous organizations such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MetLife, JP Morgan, Axis Bank, and Mondelez International, providing strategic guidance and helping them to identify and mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. As a tech entrepreneur, Batra may have been involved in other ventures or consulting work, providing businesses with insights and solutions to navigate the constantly evolving technology landscape and address emerging cyber threats. Overall, his expertise and experience make him a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve their cyber-security posture and protect themselves from cyber threats.

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