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Counsel for International Education is an organization for higher education study abroad
counselors and consultants. At the core of our mission is ensuring a seamless, expedited, and
transparent provision of information to students aspiring for overseas education opportunities.
We prioritize firsthand knowledge acquisition through campus visits and regular engagements
with university authorities and international admissions offices. This valuable insight is then
disseminated to students and career counselors, who undergo rigorous training to maintain
consistent, high-quality services. Our primary objective is to empower students to fulfill their
dreams of global exploration and enhance their educational journey. We are dedicated to
supporting students comprehensively in their international educational pursuits, ensuring their
success amidst the burgeoning landscape of global education. As the international education
sector continues to flourish, we are steadfast in our commitment to retaining our leadership
position by offering international students unparalleled resources, information, services, and
Counsel for International Education serves as the cornerstone of the International Student
Network, providing invaluable guidance tailored to the needs of international students seeking
to study abroad. Our services include a dedicated study abroad center catering specifically to
Indian students and information on international student loans, health insurance,
scholarships, and travel logistics essential for students preparing for their overseas endeavors.
With an impeccable track record boasting a 100% success rate in securing admissions to
prestigious international universities, we consistently exceed the expectations of both students
and parents, ensuring successful outcomes across Undergraduate, Master’s, Ph.D., and
advanced education programs worldwide. Our Students are pursuing undergraduate, Master’s,
and Ph.D. in various programs like Computer Science and Software Engineering, Data Science,
Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture
Engineering, Actuarial Science, International Relations, Psychology, Fine Arts, Fine Arts Acting,
Bachelor in Business Administration and MBA in Business Analytics, Entrepunureship, Human
Resource, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Operations Management. Additionally, we have
achieved a 100% success rate in securing scholarships and VISA for our students studying
Counsel for International Education offers a wealth of information and guidance on studying
in the world’s leading destinations for international education, including the USA, Canada,
Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, and
more. We provide practical advice, country-specific information, resources such as university,
program, and scholarship searches, visa guidance, housing, financial requirements, and other
essential post-admission information to help international students decide and prepare for
their educational journey abroad. Our team of dedicated counselors specializes in assisting
international students planning to study overseas, ensuring they receive personalized support
throughout the process. For more information, visit our website, or meet
with our professionals with a prior appointment.
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