Contactless hand sanitising – Protecting employees, customers from Covid-19!

Touch and smell are two of the five senses we have. Touch, however, is more vulnerable than sight because it is exposed to many airborne germs, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. Personal hygiene is essential because disinfectants are essential.

Today, moving back to work has a new meaning. We now use the hand wash and soap, as well as the mask and face shield. Hand sanitiser/Disinfectant is also vital in hand hygiene. The demand for contactless hand disinfectant dispensers is expected to continue growing to maintain proper hand hygiene.

Hand disinfectant provides the ideal solution to keep your hands clean and germ-free while on the go. They can kill the majority of common germs, keep your hands soft and clean, and offer a variety of seasonal scents.

In the same way, Steripower GmbH was founded in Germany in 2003. It is the leading manufacturer of touch less hand disinfection products in the world.

Steripower innovative devices allow for zero contact, and Steripower Pure Hand Rub Disinfectant is the best partner for it. The liquid is automatically dispensed through the machine by simply placing your hands under the nozzle.

The disinfectants leave your hands clean, without the need to waste time using soap & water. The Steripower Pure Hand Rub disinfectant is your defence against germs. Because it contains no added fragrances, it is less likely to cause skin irritation. Steripower White Edition is helpful in public places such as banks, hospitals, showrooms, shops, and schools. Where clean hands keep you safe.

Contactless Disinfectant Dispenser Basics:

It Works Without Any Contact – The user can use it to operate the machine without touching it. The nozzle will disperse the sanitiser if the user places his hands near it. Ultrasonic or infrared sensors control the nozzle.

Durability and Strength: The dispenser is durable and sturdy. It is often heavy and wall-mounted, so it cannot be easily damaged.

Standard Quantity Disinfectant Dispensing: This dispenser dispenses the right amount of disinfectant liquid to clean your hands. The user can adjust the amount of disinfectant liquid they want to use while dispensing.

Safe And Hygienic – The machine only dispenses a standard amount of disinfectant liquid, so there is no risk of spillage. Even when multiple people use the device, there is never any wastage.

Less Maintenance Required: It works by placing a hand underneath the nozzle. It also has a contactless mechanism that prevents the machine from getting damaged.

Steripower Is The Perfect Touch-Free Hand Disinfectant Dispenser

Place the touch-free dispenser of hand disinfectant liquid on a stand or mount it to a wall. Fill the dispenser with European Norms compliant Steripower Pure hand rub disinfectant, and then promote your brand on the signage display.

The dispenser unit comes with a branding display, allowing business owners to display current promotions and new products and courses. 

Steripower’s core values are the provision of scientifically proven hand disinfection protocols that are evidence-based. This is backed up by the long-term quality assurance provided by German engineering and the “Made in Germany” reliability factor.

Since hand disinfection has become a necessity and the Steripower White Edition touchless hand dispenser comes with a brandable display stand, businesses looking for promotional marketing opportunities should consider this option.

Disinfectant – The Finest Way to Fight The Spread Of Germs

You can buy both the Steripower pure hand rub disinfectant and Steripower White Edition Touchless Hand Disinfection Device for yourself by shopping online from Amazon. Protect your business against the COVID-19 pandemic by using Steripower Contactless disinfectant dispenser tried-and-tested technology with timeless design.

Alcohol-based hand disinfectant liquid can be used to clean your hands quickly. They don’t require water and take very little time to dry. Amazon is a great place to shop online for the best disinfectant liquid. Log in to Amazon and browse for Steripower Pure hand rub disinfectant today.

You can buy Steripower White Edition and Steripower Pure online in an easy and straightforward way. This hand disinfectant liquid will arrive at your door in just a few days. Don’t wait! Make sure you and your family are safe by purchasing a high-quality hand disinfectant and dispenser.

Clean hands save lives.

Steripower contact-less dispenser of hand disinfectant ensures hand hygiene and reduces cross-contamination. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any contact. The device’s use is more efficient, and there are fewer chances of spreading the infection to the surrounding areas.

Start looking for the best contactless disinfectant dispenser to fit your business. Give your employees & customers the safety net and hygiene they need.

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