“Chasing Your Dreams and Giving Them Wings”: A Personal Interview with The Best-Selling Author ‘Tina K Sobti’

Tina, a visionary since childhood had always coveted to be a writer from a young age, she had amazing imaginary skills that helped her in giving a wonderful shape to her writings. Talking a bit about her family background, she’s the granddaughter of the Legendary Bollywood Screenplay Writer & Director, Lt. Sh. Charan Das Shokh who had written myriad renowned movies like ‘Gumnaam’, ‘Nagin’, ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’ and many more. She’s also the niece of Legendary Bollywood Actor and a Renowned Sports Person, Lt. Sh. Praveen Kumar Sobti who had played the role of Bheem in BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharat’ and had brought immense pride to the country by winning four medals at the Asian Games.

She is now winning many hearts and has become quite popular with her recently launched book ‘Anay’ which is the most sensational mystery and thriller book of the year as people are awestruck with its story line and cherishing their jaw dropping experiences after reading this astounding book. We urge all our readers to read this book and shower their love by grabbing their copies from Amazon, the link of which is shared below:

Tina has also written best sellers like ‘The Wisdom Tooth’ & ‘The Magical Morning’ which are also available on the same platform.

Let’s immerse ourselves with the author’s inspirations and views about her books and writings and get a glimpse into what she can offer.

What inspired you to write ‘Anay’ as it’s totally a different genre as compared to the other books written by you?

Well, I’ve always been a fan of motivational books, however, my mind completely blew off when I started reading fiction stories as they have so much to offer. This is one of the foremost reasons behind me writing a fiction book ‘Anay’ this time, I wanted to give something different to my readers. My grandfather (nanaji) has been my inspiration throughout my journey of writing so far and I really wish to take his legacy forward by giving people what he had always been recognized and appreciated for, great writings and entertainment.

Which incident inspired you to take up the genre ‘mystery and thriller’? Are you going to try other genres too or would restrict yourself to this one only?

Oh, that’s an interesting question! Since childhood me and my father were big fans of horror and thriller cinema and enjoyed watching such movies, so I guess that was the reason behind my inclination towards that genre as it grabbed my interest to the core. However, I will certainly try writing other genres too as I want my readers to read, experience and love all that I’ve got as a writer.

What made you take the step to publish this book now?

My determination towards making my family, especially, my grandfather proud made me publish ‘Anay’ this year. It feels awesome to see and know that people are loving my work and gives me a boost to write more and better.

Is there any other message you want to tell your readers?

Well, the message is to love and accept yourself truly and unconditionally, find your peace and happiness in what makes YOU happy. Enjoy being a child as your cheerfulness is the best gift you can please yourself with.

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