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Seeking justice as a commoner is not an easy thing, you face complications, frauds, biased judgments, and many more in the process. Immoral behavior and corruption are quite common in every step of the court process. However, it is not like justice is never served. You need a correct and professional lawyer who can initiate and work throughout the process until the results are achieved.

Fastrack Legal Solutions is the one-stop destination for all your solutions regarding legal matters. Fastrack Legal Solutions believes in shortening the process of getting justice and serving the people with everything they need and clearing out all the doubts and confusion regarding legal matters. Bringing difference to the usual method and lengthy court processes is their motto. The team of professional and experienced lawyers is always there for you when you need services regarding notary, arbitration, litigation, affidavit, copyright, criminal law, patents, and many more. The team will guide you through the whole process and will provide solutions to tackle any difficulty coming in between. The team knows what is best for you and guides you for the same.

The founder of the law firm, Advocate Govind Bali is a very experienced lawyer. He is a professional practitioner of constitutional law and criminal law. Also working as a social worker, youth speaker, and entrepreneur, he is quite well known for his charming and down-to-earth personality. Govind Bali is currently practicing law in the Delhi High Court and other district courts situated in Delhi NCR.

He is actively participating with many social workers and groups and is associated with different protests against the odds of society. He is a man of virtues and order and it is unacceptable for him to see something going against the rule or getting delayed unnecessarily. He is also known as the youngest Indian lawyer ever to have introduced the cases of his clients in the United Nations. The most recent case he fought for was against the UNOPS sanction forced on an Indian Vendor. He has worked extensively for Do Jodi Movement in 2014 and he was the main speaker for the rights of MANREGA workers. He has won several awards and certificates of recognition on various occasions.

The client’s safety is something that matters the most and confidentiality is maintained throughout the whole process and even after the case ends. The professional team consists of 25 experienced and skilled lawyers. Collectively the team has solved over 120, cases keeping up the success rate at 95%. It is quite evident from the sources that the law firm is indeed quite experienced in solving cases and shortening the duration of the unnecessary court processes keeping forward a positive image of responsible community of lawyers.

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