Balancing Work and Life: Lessons from Gursewak Singh, Founder of BainBow?

Gursewak Singh-The present scenario is such that most people want to retire around their mid-forties. The logic is simple: work hard and save. Then in the fifth decade of your life and beyond enjoy your retirement life. However, what will one do in their retirement life beyond pursuing some long-lost habits no one has a clue. Gursevak Singh the founder of BainBow, has a very different view which is inverse to this plan.

Building brands and images are his expertise. He builds a brand and loves how they perform. His views are crisp and help the clients to grow. Thus when the same clients talk about retirement it shocks him. He met an owner of a popular hotel owner who he had helped to go digital and become a household name. The hotel owner was planning to sell the business and goodwill valuation had come to him. This shocked him and it was his eureka moment. The business where he had put so much hours and diligence was up for sale. 

Gursewak Singh enquired about his decision and to his utter dismay the person complained that he has no time for his family, or himself. Thus as a result he was under immense stress and was having health issues. His busy schedule had eaten up his personal life. He was over-consumed at work and thus was not enjoying it. There was no proper balance between work-personal life. 

In today’s world, the most difficult aspect that everyone faces is striking the best work-life balance. Multi-tasking which once upon a time was the best strategy has now been ruled out. Multitasking reduces productivity and increases stress thus it is not advisable. Gursewak Singh though has struck the best work-life balance. He enjoys his work and thus looks up to new projects. As this is, what gives him pleasure. Being moderate is the key to happiness. 

How to strike the work-home life balance, and learn from the experience of the expert?

Gursewak Singh claims that the biggest question of the era is how one can be successful and happy in their personal and office places. Strike the right balance requires much grit and determination. In the era of super competition work takes the top priority. 

Therefore maintaining a work-life balance is a real challenge. We all want to taste success and in this mad race, Everything else takes second place. Which results in monotonous life and somewhere the motivation goes missing. The very strong desire to succeed professionally can make you compromise on your needs and above all health. Thus comes the resulting burnout.

What do the experts say?

Even the top business persons and working professionals are asked about the same balance. Remaining at the top of the game and building a brand or empire or positive image is not easy. However, there is something common in all those interviews apart from the fact that they are successful and inspirational role models. The career ladder and the biological clock are proportionally related. Thus the time when one should start a family and invest time there is the same time when one is building their career. Therefore the budding stages are more difficult. We all work to provide for our family but then it is the time the most valuable thing that we can give to our family is our time. The situation is tricky, however, it comes with a simple solution.

Have a private zone:

It is understandable that we are going global. There are time zone differences and certain works crop up at the last minute. Sad truth but then one has to work around it. Most of the successful people had a common stance: they take out time and spend it doing what they love or with people whom they love. It could be a Sunday or weekday when you stop all your work and have some uninterrupted “me time”.

Now let’s know What is Gursewak Singh’s view on it?

It is the best motivation and therapy. It bursts the bubble and helps you to get back to your work with more zeal. Presently in an interview, the founder of BainBow Mr. Gursewk Singh shared his views and hues over work-life balance. He said that he has a habit of leaving his office at 7 o’clock each day. Irrespective of the situation it is a habit for years. He devotes this time to his family and friends. He caters to no last-minute meetings, questions, conferences, or even phone calls. He spends his time building strong relationships with family and friends. He is proud of his start-ups and business but then being committed to his people is his biggest accomplishment. It is this habit that fills him with zeal and works with more energy. This is his key to success while maintaining his sanity. 

In an era where relationships break every second, being able to stay committed is an achievement. He has seen his kids growing and his kids know he is his biggest trophy.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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