Ashic Sharafudheen – An inspiration for the aspiring multi-skilled Entrepreneurs

Ashic Sharafudheen is the Director and Founder of HAN Innovations, a thriving and innovative IT firm that specializes in customized software, site design and hosting, graphical structure, logo and brochure design, and branding, among other services. He got to the top by thinking outside the box, which helped him get ahead in life by starting five different enterprises. Indeed, thinking differently can have a significant impact on your career, and as an entrepreneur, it was Ashic’s innovative mindset, entrepreneurial skills, intrapreneurial skills, and creativity that encouraged him to establish not just different businesses but also acted as a catalyst by identifying various consumer problems and matching them with the best solutions possible.

As the saying goes ‘Your business should be your passion’ and Ashic looked to solve problems he identified with and felt passionate about. He chose this path when he coupled his passion with his ability to execute an artist directory that works with the film Industry by connecting talent like actors, with casting professionals like scriptwriters and directors and allowing them to apply to castings. No doubt, the entertainment industry is incredibly fun and exciting and has made it genuine and safe too. He says ‘if you can’t deliver what is needed, you are not in business’

Needless to mention, a well-suited job plays a very significant role in every person’s life, however, the various outbreak of the economy turned out to be devastating by causing serious consequences like mass unemployment of the youths. It is at that moment when  an online job portal established by Ashic turned out to be a lifesaver for the job seekers and helped them to choose jobs of their convictions. As a real problem solver, Ashic knows what matters to people who are in need of a new job or elevation in their career. have smoothened the entire process and valued a long-term relationship with job givers and job seekers.

It is rightly said that the online matrimonial portals have revolutionized the Indian traditional method of finding a suitable match,   came into the picture by providing an access to a large number of profiles to search for the potential match. With the compilation of various benefits of widespread search, easy accessibility, time and money-saving, results according to the preference and security came into existence. Focusing on different approaches to problem-solving and need recognition Ashic came up with ideas by offering solutions that are not just adaptive but innovative.

As an innovator and adaptor, Ashic is also the founder of  and Websites that allow you to attach media assets to your digital business cards so that you can give your customers more information and a story about your brand. Video, sign-up forms, and other external connections can also be attached by users.

When it comes to problem-solving, it goes without saying that each circumstance is unique, requiring a unique solution each time. Ashic always came up with a workable answer, no matter how vast or intricate the situation was. He knows how to examine each circumstance and look at outcomes on a holistic level as part of a great problem solver, and his ability to critically think about difficulties has proven to be crucial to his success in life and business. Learn more –

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