Ar. Pankaj Chiraniya – Designing your PARADISE on earth, Creating your Peace & Success

Born & bought up in a small town named Akola – Maharashtra, Ar. Pankaj Chiraniya comes from a humble joint family where Grocery is the main occupation.  Have seen the struggles, the hardships and responsibilities of life his family has undergone, his parents faced are the source of inspiration for him which pushes him to move out of the comfort zone and set new goals being unstoppable. Since childhood – he was an average student, shy and timid.

Belonging to a ‘Marwari’ grocery merchant family – Failed in Maths subject in 5th class – was a massive breakdown for him which was like a stigma for the entire family. At this age of 11 – the young Pankaj experienced that he is not good enough. Having an inclination towards drawing and arts he started taking part in various drawing competition during school days & achieved many trophies in Drawing and arts making himself and his family proud. He wanted to make a career in a creative as well as  technical field – which no one in family ever did. It was clear to him that ‘ARCHITECTURE = ART + Technology + Nature,  so chose architecture as Professional field even after undergoing a lot of objections in choosing architecture. With a strong desire to create  a beautiful world called ‘PARADISE’ for everyone – took admission in Architecture college in Pune.

He graduated from Pune University as Bachelor of Architecture – Scored Highest marks in this Field in Pune University in final year. The Journey was’nt that easy as it seemed.

Seemed now all will be well – got a new hit of backlog  in Structures subject in First Semister – first year. It felt like hard slap of self doubt, being failure – going against the Family decision, ashamed and low esteem. It was a moment of unending guilt and throat cutting pain.

With God’s Grace, Family Teachings, friends support and a  zeal to prove himself – Regenerated back  with all dedication and focus to make Parents Proud – worked hard and since then Topped in class in all Semisters. Scored Highest marks in this Field in Pune University in final year again making his family proud.

Started his independent Architectural practice since 2002 and now with a team of 200 + people his firm ‘Chiraniya Consultancy’ exist to Visualize & realize peoples space requirements which leads to their success, power, peace of mind, happiness and in the process he and his team  organize, integrate & glorify utility.

On a mission to create a new world for 5million + people to live in a space like ‘PARADISE’ – which is their proud asset, giving them comfortable, futuristic, pleasant and peaceful life. 

Through the decades of change, he have continually focused on driving & maintaining “EXCELLENCE IN OPERATIONS THROUGH INNOVATION”. This has found expression in a relentless drive for excellence in process, product, people; a culture of continuous improvement, value creation and a spirit of innovation that has helped him to sustain growth. Driven by the values of Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity & Responsibility, he and his team are building an enviable corporate reputation founded on ethical & transparent approach.

His Clients are served with “Designed Architecture” which has function, form, feeling & economy of space, time, money & material and in the process creates an everlasting relation & with extraordinary customer success. 

According to him ‘Design evokes Emotions’. A structure that moves you, touch you & inspires you is a living Art. Rethink, Reuse, Reduce & Recycle is the zero waste in architecture. This should be the goal for all architecture.

 “ Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas ,” i.e. utility (good Planning ), sound construction & aesthetics (pleasing appearance ) is the result of our conscious effort to create a functionally graceful space, to serve the user well & satisfy his varying & complex needs.

He is soon coming up with a book ‘CREATING YOUR OWN PARADISE ON THIS EARTH’ which is a practical guide to unlock yourself from the mountain of challenges to create your home of dreams. His hardcore Belief is “If you keep on repeating same old actions again & again – you will get the same old results. To have new results – you need to take new actions – that’s called Creativity”.

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