An IT Engineer troubled to get answers to her Deep Life Questions, learned Tarot. Now working as a Spiritual Professional to help People like you Realise their Soul’s Purpose

Being a Bright Student during Academic years, Priti started feeling Void within; as she gained more materialistic success. Because she wasn’t touching the REAL Aspect of Life ie “Spirituality”. Her thirst for inner Quest started, as soon as she went higher and higher in her Materialistic Life. Priti started her Quest for spirituality after her college. When she realised that she didn’t want to Pursue her Career as IT Engineer, though she stood as topper in her class. Instead she wanted to Work where she was helping people. And not just working in a Politics induced stressful corruptive environment.

Her family believed in Future Tellers, and her Quest increased a lot more; after visiting them. More so because nobody was able to give Clear Predictions about the Questions she really had. Questions and Curiosity kept increasing. So she decided to Learn Tarot herself. Once she learned Tarot in 2005, there was no Turning back. The more she started getting Answers, the more deeper she wanted to Dig. Her journey towards Kundalini Awakening started Involuntarily in January 2007. While she was Learning Meditation, to help cope up with her Negative Mindset.

Then there was no more stopping- she indulged into Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Pendulum Dowsing, Numerology. Her Life Queries started getting solved. By the time it was 2008, she realised she was getting booked for 12hrs everyday, for Tarot Readings and her Sessions. People had started believing in her Readings, even before she could realise where all of this was leading. And in 2009 she finally made this into her Full Time Career.

Reason behind doing that was – she knew just getting a Tarot reading was making People satisfied as it gave Exact answers, their soul was searching. Her clients definitely got ignited, the same inner-quest that she felt in her own life; she realised People all over the world has it. Priti defines this as the Quest, to start doing something Meaningful; the Quest to start doing something useful and being Helpful to this world. You can call this your wanting to follow your Soul’s Purpose.

Do you think you were of no use to God, so He threw you on this Planet, to get rid of you? NO. You are of Great Value to God, and that’s why He gave you a Chance to Visit his most Valued Creation. And because he gave you a pass to visit this planet, there’s a small price you need to pay. He also gave you a Task you need to complete. This is something that ONLY YOU can complete. If you don’t complete it in this Birth, you’ll die and take another Birth and come back to complete the Task. This task is your Purpose. Purpose is why you’re born, Purpose is the Reason why you’re even reading this article.

Priti always says this catchy phrase, “keep following the path of your Soul’s Purpose, because you’re Born for a Reason”. Because if you don’t do it, you’re going to feel this Quest this inner Thirst, that will keep on increasing.

Which is why she started doing what she is doing, her work is not actually work; it’s her Passion. And this is how you too can gain by the Immense Knowledge and Research she’s done. Read through the rest of article very carefully. If possible take some notes. I will help you to find what’s your inner calling.

How can you Realise your Purpose?

Her Quest was because she wasn’t aligned on her purpose. She started helping people to realise what their purpose is. And this is her Purpose. So what is it that you’d like to do, what is it that you’ve learned, something that you can do day in and day out.

What has troubled you, what gave you suffering, what caused you Pain. And you want that this kinda pain nobody should ever experience.

Write it down… in your notepad.

Realising Purpose!

Realising what your Purpose is – is a Journey, not the Destination. You can call it your vision or your Mission. Something that drives you,

and it can be done Externally as well as Internally. So how can you go ahead with it.. So it can be revealed after some uncovering, removing layers is done. This removing energy blockage layers can be done is two ways..

Externally – Via Tarot Readings, Oracle Readings, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Pendulum Dowsing.

So a Psychic can help you dig the layers that block your mind and soul and help you get clarity. Through Cards, Crystal ball, dowsing,

Priti can help you with her Cards, numerology and by Therapy sessions with Hypnosis & Past Life Regression. This is External help, where you’re depending on an External Tool to get answers.

This is good for you when you’re just beginning your Purpose Discovery Journey. If you’re interested more in Discovering your Purpose, then join her “Discover your Purpose” Program.

Internally – Via Intensive Self-Realisation and soul Level Intensive Retreats. These indulging programs help you to cleanse and Dig into deeper layers of your soul.

Priti knows External help will only take you a little longer. If you really want to get concrete answers, then digging Internally helps. Her Programs like Soul Purification, Chakrapur are Spiritually Intensive programs. That will answer a lot of your Unresolved questions and issues. And help you get sure about where you want to get in life. And how you can make it more meaningful.

So here’s links to connect to her highly knowledgeable Youtube videos, which she creates by the knowledge she has gained through her intensive Soul Searching for all these years.

Youtube channel –

She has also created a number of Free e-books and Free Meditations

that can be downloaded here.

To Get learn about your Soul’s Purpose visit her Website, and book a Sessions for External Peeling of Layers now, or join her Soul Searching Programs for Internal Peeling of Layers.

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