An inspiring journey of Atul Kumar, A screenwriter and author who wants to empower screenwriters’ community.

Everybody wishes to be able to succeed, but only a small number of individuals are able to make their dreams and wishes come true! Atul Kumar is among those people who despite all odds in their life have spontaneously started succeeding in making their dream come true. He had quite an ambition to be successful whilst studying in his college. Ever since he began his profession at just the age of 24, he was able to attain a respectable level of success and experience while studying in college!

Atul Kumar, a renowned author and screenwriter, want to create indelible mark on Indian literary  and Indian cinema with his unique writing and imagination. Born on August 29, 1995, in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh, Atul had a passion for writing since his teenage years.

Atul graduated from ITM University Gwalior and currently pursuing Journalism and Mass Communication.  For After the age of 25, Atul decided to pursue his love for writing in free time and begin his literary journey with his debut screenplay “Mission Watchdog” in 2023.

The screenplay, which chronicled the Internal security system of India, especially Jammu and Kashmir region. Genre of this screenplay based on the theme of Intelligence or mass surveillance system in which National Security Advisor (NSA) and Ex. Army intelligence officer want to seek to improve internal security of country and going to tackle terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir region by completing an unfinished operation, that could be crucial in this digital era.

Atul’s writing often revolve around protagonists and their struggles with love, career and societal expectations. His writing style is simple, yet impactful and has garnered a massive screenplay reader across India.

Apart from writing screenplay, Atul is also a prominent founder of Cine Storytellers. His platform covers a wide range of helpful services such as Screenplay publication and marketing or selling tips for Screenwriters.

Atul wants to inspire a generation of aspiring screenwriters and his platform “Cine Storytellers” regarded as one of the most influential in Screenwriters community.

He always Believes That “Life Is Like Google, You Get Results When You want and Search for It” This is Very True, there are very few people who have the mindset, Vision like him and does what he is doing. We can wish and pray for him so that he can reach many heights and can Inspire many young people! He Believes What if our young people, the youth like him can change, so our country can.

At last, he says “opportunities like an OTPs of your life, if you didn’t fix it on a correct place in correct time….it will expire.”

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