An Incredible Piece of Pre-Wedding Shoot

Financial plan was no issue when we were arranging the prewed go for Yatish and Harsha. First and foremost we plan Leh-Ladakh being at an elevation of north of 11500 feet itself was something a few colleagues experienced previously. So acclimating to such low switch was something extremely new for them. It was concluded that subsequent to arriving at Leh-Ladakh as opposed to beginning the shoot immediatly the entire group and couple will take rest the following day so that body can adjust the environment. It was likewise came to the notification that driving between one area to the next will likewise make us tired which can free newness in the photography. Then we plan for the regal settings in Rajasthan Yatish reminded  us regarding climate. Whenever we think about one area in a day we observed that we really want no less than eight days to finish the task. A portion of our colleagues have different tasks to finish and meanwhile Barinder Pal our DOP proposes us Shoot Factory, Mohali.

 It is an Outdoor Photography Location spread across 5 sections of land of land with numerous backgrounds. It addressed our purpose on catching regular minutes, articulations, and genuine feelings shared by the couple and the area was settled. The outcomes came fabulous. Also, Yatish and Harsha have left the guests hypnotized with photos of their pre-wedding shoot.

The couple looked straight forwardly out of a dream in those photographs. Pre-wedding photoshoot gives different dazzling pictures which were shown in slideshow allongwith Pre-wedding film.

The couple had done an incredible piece of pre-wedding shoot research on contemplations like picking a region, a specific subject, elegant props etc.  Probably pre-wedding photos and film look epic.

Credits :

Location : Shoot Factory Mohali

Direction & Concept : Ashwani Sharma

Production : Manoj Rajput

D.O.P : Barinder Pal Make Up : Khushboo Makeovers

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