Aakarshan Foundation Durgotsav’23: Celebrating the Essence of Rural India and “Vocal for Local”

Aakarshan Foundation, a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better society, is excited to announce the theme for their much-anticipated Durgotsav’23. This year, the foundation, led by its visionary founders Bishwajit Roy Gupta, Geetika Das, and Amit Sangwan, along with their dedicated core team members – Subhash Ch Saha, Chitra Saha, Atar Singh Sangwan, Abhay Mittra, Chandana Mittra, Abhishek Mukherjee, Lokesh Yadav, Tulika Singh, Madhumita Yadav, Rishi Agarwal, Piyali Ghosh, Aditya Mukerjee, Smriti Mukerjee, Maruti Sharma, Abhijit Deb and powered by Karambir Singh of 121 Reality, is set to celebrate the rich traditions and heritage of Rural India under the theme “Vocal for Local.”

Aakarshan Foundation’s Durgotsav’23, slated to take place from October 19 to October 24, will be an extravagant showcase of India’s rural essence, with a strong focus on promoting local products and artisans. The theme, “Vocal for Local,” aligns perfectly with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision, emphasizing the significance of supporting indigenous goods and rural development.

The theme has been masterfully delivered by Sohan Lal of Maa Durga Tent House, an integral part of the Aakarshan Foundation’s initiative to bring authentic rural experiences to urban settings. Sohan Lal’s expertise and dedication to preserving India’s rural culture and traditions are unparalleled.

Founder Bishwajit Roy Gupta expressed his excitement, stating, “Our Durgotsav’23 theme is a tribute to the heart and soul of Rural India. We aim to shed light on the unparalleled craftsmanship, artistry, and culture that often go unnoticed. By promoting the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, we hope to not only celebrate our roots but also contribute to the rural economy.”

Geetika Das, another co-founder, added, “Incorporating the theme of Rural India in our Durga Puja celebrations reflects our commitment to celebrating diversity and preserving the cultural richness of our nation.”

Amit Sangwan, co-founder, commented, “Our endeavor is to create a platform where urban and rural communities can connect and learn from each other. By doing so, we aspire to bridge the gap between the two and strengthen our collective cultural fabric.”

Aakarshan Foundation’s Durgotsav’23 promises to be a grand amalgamation of cultural showcases, art exhibitions, and interactive sessions with rural artisans, making it a truly immersive experience for all attendees. The event will feature traditional music, dance, authentic cuisine, and a marketplace showcasing local crafts and products.

Karambir Singh, representing 121 Reality, said, “We are thrilled to be part of this initiative. The ‘Vocal for Local’ theme resonates with our commitment to supporting local communities and their sustainable development.”

The Aakarshan Foundation, known for its holistic approach to community development, has further outlined its vision for Durgotsav’23 by allocating proceeds from the event to establish free schools for underprivileged children, create opportunities for senior citizens, and support food justice initiatives for the community.

This year’s Durga Puja celebrations will not only be a spectacle of culture but also a platform for social change, promoting unity, sustainability, and rural empowerment. Aakarshan Foundation’s Durgotsav’23 promises to leave a lasting impact on the hearts of all who participate.

For more information about Durgotsav’23 and Aakarshan Foundation’s initiatives, please visit http://www.aakarshanfoundation.com

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