5 Benefits of Implementing a Corporate Shuttle Solution

Every employee has a different way to get to work. One could live closer to work so they could get there faster. The other person may live farther away and take more time to get to.

The way people think about commuting is changing a lot. It is because real estate prices are going up, people are getting used to a hybrid workplace, and in some cases, people can work from home permanently.

Studies show that people can even take pay cuts to lessen cost savings for their commute. With such a dislike for the daily public transit, there is an easy transportation solution to implement – the corporate shuttle solution.

This process is becoming popular, so employers and employees can benefit from shuttle business.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of implementing a corporate employee shuttle solution.

Benefits of Corporate Shuttle Service and Solutions

1. Higher Productivity

Did you know that the more your employees commute, the less productive they will be? Studies show that productivity drops significantly for every 10 kilometres you travel by public transportation. But what is more shocking is that the highest performers in your company suffer the most.

Thanks to a corporate shuttle solution, you can help employees lessen this burden. It reduces travel stress by having someone else drive the vehicle.

This ensures your employees commute with less traffic congestion daily, allowing them to work stress-free and also increases their productivity. This is a win-win for both the company and your employees’ productivity.

2. Save More Money

Having employees drive their own cars to work is a good idea because you won’t have to pay for them to get there. But it can cost a lot to keep parking spaces and other resources in good shape. Also, the time it takes them to get to work can cost you business and hurt your income.

Corporate shuttle solutions offer you the benefit of providing access to scores of employees to use fewer vehicles. With such an initiative, you will pay less for parking spaces and let employees save money from their salary, giving them more incentives to continue working happily.

3. Bring in More Employee Retention

Studies show that about 23% of people have quit their jobs because of a bad commute shuttle. Even more interesting is that the number is higher for people born between 1980 and 2000.

Since a lot of the workforce is made up of young professionals, it is very important for businesses to control commutes and keep employees happy if they want to do well in the modern workplace.

Corporate shuttle solutions help improve the employee experience by caring for their employee shuttle services. When employees feel well-rested and stress-free, the need to switch jobs for better commutes reduces. This ensures that you are on track to retain employees for the long term.

4. Help the Environment

Companies are becoming more aware of the effects pollution has on the environment. Climate change is a big problem, and governments all over the world are trying to stop it. Every time pollution is cut down, it helps.

About 27% of greenhouse gas emissions come from cars and trucks, so if more people stopped driving, this number would go down by a lot.

This also includes employees driving to work as they contribute a significant share of the pie. About 76% of people in the US use their cars to commute to work. If more companies use corporate shuttle solutions, they can significantly reduce the number and give back to the environment by doing their part.

5. Improved Team Culture

People spend about one-third of their lives at the workplace. This is a crucial point to consider as people spending that much time at their workplace should be happy coming to work.

About half of people don’t like their jobs, and one of the three main reasons is that they can’t talk to each other. So, good communication and employee shuttle routes are needed to make sure that employees feel at ease working as a team.

A simple way to boost such engagement indirectly is through corporate shuttle solutions. Commuting employee transportation encourages formal and informal conversations, enabling employees to create a team building over ideas and opinions.

Employees can also learn things they might only sometimes know, as it allows for cross-collaboration at all levels.

Enabling Corporate Shuttle Solutions at the Workplace

The importance of providing a holistic experience at work has increased manifold in recent years. As companies strive to go above and beyond to provide company shuttle operations and stellar experiences to ensure employee satisfaction, top talent, modern tools that make them happen are crucial.

One such excellent tool is MoveInSync. It offers a comprehensive suite of products to ensure a top-notch employee experience. With their corporate shuttle solutions, you can make employees happier and more productive.

Moreover, they have exciting features, such as live tracking, attendance capture, and more, that help you boost employee experience. For more information on MoveInSync’s corporate shuttle solutions, please book a demo here.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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