19-Year-Old Sourav Kumar- Made up a Story of Preparing for JEE to Start my Business

Sourav Kumar Yadav is also known as Krantiveer in the Industry. The pen name is bestowed on him due to his mind-blowing work that he has done in the recent years. He is a 19-year-old entrepreneur who has the vision to make a difference and change the conventional system. Sourav hails from Chhattisgarh and he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the state. Sourav is also a rapper, a music director and a music lover himself.

He is the founder and director of KMF Media Private Ltd. He started his journey in the year 2020 when KMF Productions was incepted with the idea to help people and business not just across the country but across the globe. The company aimed to provide quality services such as studio change, recording and audio and video production, post-production assignments and all the related works could be done.  Soon after, there was a boom in the business as the quality and pricing was attractive and it attracted clients from various place and then as per the need Sourav decided to upgrade his business to another level and launch KMF Media Pvt Ltd in the year 2021. This company was solely on the mission to help people with their branding, marketing and advertising services.

Currently, Marketing and Advertising industry is one of the fastest growing industry and the numbers are huge here. But when it comes to marketing companies need a reliable, output oriented and assured solutions for their business. And, then the following year a new business was established Tune Fry to help people get license for their songs and manage everything with that. The company has helped over a thousand artist and have assisted them in their journey and continue to provide them support.

With three brands to his name Sourav has surely proved that age is just a number. What is unique about his idea and business in its in constantly evolving with innovation and ideas. The creativity at KMF Media never stops. Throughout his journey he has made mistakes, saw failures and learnt from them because of which he stands where he stands today. 

While starting out his business, he faced what every entrepreneur goes through— the pain, the challenges and the inevitable. As he started out people did not had trust and did not rely on him, it was slowly and steadily that he grew and then people entrusted him. During his failures too, he was determined to not give up and face the failures with guts and enjoy success with a vision. He took inspirations from his surroundings and reworked where it was necessary to serve people better and efficiently. He says, “If you have will, anything is possible.” Irrespective of where you come from, what your aspirations are, if you act you will make it happen.

Currently Sourav is in Delhi and his pursuing his education. This is an interesting story. He told his parents that he is going to prepare for JEE but as soon has he got here he started working in companies, he learnt how things work in different industries and with this experience and learning he made his company achieve various milestones. He is currently enrolled in International Institute of Mass Media. 

He has his own, 19 songs released on YouTube and the songs are loved by people on YouTube and with over 2 lacs views on different music streaming platforms.

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