“Your unique experience and perspective on the World – can help Someone Else make sense of Theirs – in this fast-paced environment we’re living in”

Dr Rajat Sinha has proved this time and again, in different Industries – and embodied it for Eternity, by founding and growing the StartupFrat Movement – to what it is today.

A One-of-a-kind Community of Business Professionals – this unique vision puts them ahead of everyone, and classifies them among those very few people who fight all sorts of odds and ultimately write their own future.

Beginning his career as a Medical Doctor, having earned his MBBS degree from India’s most prestigious medical college, Dr Rajat soon gained an ambition to move into Healthcare market research.

He soon realized that there are 4 big markets where you cannot “buy the result” but almost always have to “earn the result”.

He immediately started a deep study of these markets (which he would later go on to term as the “Age of Aquarius” markets) and quit his Medical Practice within 2 years of getting his degree.

Parallelly, on a personal front, Dr Rajat was both – deeply troubled and intensely curious about why it was considered “risky” to pursue one’s calling – and why a majority of brilliant people in society were not solving Real problems that plagued the world.

He realized that – in order to Live Your Dream and Achieve Greatness – one first had to solve the “money” problem i.e. How to Sustain while Pursuing your Dream, on an Economic Planet

Working as a Marketing consultant in FMCG, Healthcare, Financial Products, Automotive Parts Exports, and Technology – Dr Rajat nailed down the formula that could strike the balance between the two – the 3 part formula that can help anyone sustain themselves while pursuing their Dream

  • Sales – The Ability to Help People Understand Your Value, and Pay You in Exchange for that Value
  • Marketing – The Ability to Find a LOT of Such People Who Are Waiting to Acquire Your Value – but may not know Where to Find You, or that You even Exist
  • Productizing – Packaging Your Value into Products or Services that are Simple to Explain, Simple to Sell, and Simple for your Tribe to Consume

 In 2015, a Company he had sweat equity in, was involved in a Silicon Valley merger which brought in Hundreds of Crores of rupees in taxes and foreign investments to India.

During the March – June 2020 lockdown Dr Rajat decided to give away all of his learnings garnered through 15+ years of business-building in 3 countries on his private Facebook Mastermind.

He felt that during these tumultuous times, a lot of Indian entrepreneurs and aspirants needed to re-think and re-position themselves, and get out of survival mode into the Dominance mode.

That decision has led to the genesis of the StartupFrat Hangout – one of the most prolific and fast-growing Entrepreneur communities that follow a unique path-breaking business model that combines age-old Demand-Generation principles with innovative Tribe-Building techniques…. Called the “Lean Startup” – based on Eric Ries’s bestselling book by the same name.

Spanning Industries like Commission-Sellers, Certified Practitioners, Small-Business Founders, Coaches/Consultants/Public-Speakers and even Corporate Professionals the StartupFrat Community is probably the most diverse Entrepreneurs’ Community that prides itself on sharing the “Best Business Education on the Planet” for free.

While all the pillar members of the StartupFrat Community have their own product lines out in the market, they have all pledged a certain proportion of their valuable time to give away their knowledge for free – to other entrepreneurs and aspirants – with no return consideration.

The Community boasts of 2 buzzing platforms on Facebook – the StartupFrat Hangout, and the StartupFrat Early Birds Club – where group meetings and video Trainings are uploaded frequently – that can help any entrepreneur or aspirant to skyrocket to 6 figures or more within a span of 90 days.

In addition you can individually connect with or book a Free Consultation with any of the pillar members of the StartupFrat Community by visiting https://www.startupfrat.club/community

The Community unanimously believes that – there’s way too much input, and not enough output in today’s electronics-driven world. They encourage you to change that, and use your devices to push your message outward – impacting the world for the better.

To conclude, Dr Rajat says – at whatever stage of life you are – you need to start planning your Legacy project.

He says, “Why live on the Planet for only 80 years, when you could light up the Planet for 800?”

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