Yash Mohanty Dogra – A Literary Star From Bangalore

Yash Mohanty Dogra, the author of “The Human Side,” is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences. With over ten and a half years of progressive career in the field of medical communications, agile/scrum/waterfall methodology, and LMS/LRS application development, Yash has proven his expertise in various domains. Additionally, he possesses a strong foundation in teaching, having spent more than three years in an educational role. His extensive knowledge in both medical and ITES sectors, coupled with his proficiency in graphic and multimedia design, enables him to play a crucial role in conceptualizing and delivering impactful medical communications.

Yash Mohanty Dogra’s creative pursuits extend beyond his professional endeavors. He is an accomplished poet and author, adding a new dimension to his versatile personality. Having acquired certifications in project management and agile methodologies, Yash brings a systematic and disciplined approach to his writing process. His fifteen years of progressive career in medical communications, along with his experience in e-modules and mobile applications development, provide him with a unique perspective that enriches his literary works.

For Yash, writing is not just a hobby; it is an inherent part of his being. He believes that writing allows him to delve into the depths of his emotions and discover facets of himself that he never knew existed. The act of composing his thoughts into words is a cathartic experience, filling him with a sense of fulfillment and compassion. Yash sees writing stories as an opportunity to crystallize his experiences, articulate his hopes and dreams, and immortalize his memories. Through his words, he aims to connect with readers on a profound level, invoking emotions and inspiring introspection.

Yash Mohanty Dogra’s journey as an author began at the tender age of twelve when he wrote his first poem for his school magazine. With a heart full of innocence, he embarked on a path that would forever shape his life. Whenever he finds himself grappling with inner thoughts, Yash turns to writing as a means of self-expression. Whether he is feeling low or experiencing moments of joy, putting pen to paper becomes his sanctuary and lifeline. Each word he writes becomes a testament to his resilience and serves as a pathway to healing and self-discovery.

In “The Human Side,” Yash Mohanty Dogra showcases his literary prowess and invites readers into a world where emotions are unveiled and stories unfold. With his innate talent for capturing the essence of human experiences, Yash crafts narratives that resonate deeply with his audience. His dedication, sincerity, and responsibility as an author shine through in every word, allowing readers to embark on a journey of self-reflection and connection. 

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