Why did 24 year old Javisth Chabria return to India to build a content media house ?

Most of India’s growth happened post liberalization in 1992. It’s 2022 now and the same period of growth has returned to India in a post pandemic era. “It is the perfect time to build in India” says 24-year-old Entrepreneur Javisth Chabria who was studying Computer Science and Business in Drexel University in the United States before returning to India.

What made you return to India?

I think building in India was always the plan. I had made it very clear to my family that I was only going to the United States to get an education and some global exposure and would eventually return back home. The idea to return back was extremely purpose driven given that there was a lot of opportunity in India and a lot more problems to solve. As soon as college was over I knew that I was returning back at the perfect time. The creator’s economy had already started booming in India and my dad was into corporate films, so I knew I had the resources available to start work immediately and hence started my production house JustVideos Studios.

What made you get into the content and media business?

Films was my first love ever since I was a child and I even started doing theatre since I was 13. I enrolled myself in the Institute of Moving Images, Mumbai right after my ICSE exams for a short-term film making course where I learnt the ins and outs of the film making process. I ended up choosing the Science stream in my plus 2 and went on to explore my interests in Computer Science and Business at Drexel University in the United States. I think it was in my final year of college that I had wrapped up all my coursework and had space for some free electives that I could take from any subjects of my choice. Which is when I decided to revisit my first love and took classes in Film and Television Production. I learnt everything from handling production to editing video and sound. It is then that I decided to take this forward once college would get over.

What is the idea behind JustVideos Studios?

The idea behind JustVideos Studios is to empower content creators and bridge the gap between the content creator and making that content available to the masses. At this point we are trying to provide end-to-end video and audio services to all kinds of content creators whether it’s individual YouTuber’s, reel creators, corporates, TVC’s, ads or even films. We have a unique studio to hire model where creators can come and utilize a state-of-the-art chroma studio as well as an audio studio geared towards podcasters and online audio recording. Providing creators with all the facilities to create the content is of course the first stage. We also have an in-house editing, VFX and animation team that will transform your content as per as your requirements. The final stage of this process is branding and marketing where the content will be packaged, repurposed and advertised on all the online platforms in such a way that you get the maximum ROI.

Currently, we have the best set up in this entire region. All our editing work is done on Mac Studios’ which are the fastest machines in the world. We have invested in the best cameras and audio equipment for recording so that our clients get the best facilities possible to make their content of the highest standard.

What’s the plan for the future for JustVideos Studios ?

We are currently on an aggressive growth mode. We are hiring, expanding, experimenting with different kind of projects such as Start Up video pitches and we are also tapping into the Metaverse. We have invested in 360 degree cameras, 4D scanners and VR headsets to break into the AR and VR world. We should expand to other cities by end of year as well. The future of new media is exciting. We are exploring a business model where we can collaborate with creators and brands to leverage each others’ resources and create the best content possible. What we are trying out right now with Podcasts, collaborating with Podcasters to help them create content will enable us to unleash the country’s hidden content creators who are just looking for a way to get started. Building a media company in the most talent dense country is incredibly exciting!

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