Want to be a tarot reader? Follow these tips by Mumbai’s best Tarot Reader Shruti Gupta

Meet Shruti Gupta, a professional Tarot reader and manifestation coach hailing from Mumbai, India. Her journey into the world of Tarot began at a young age of 18, and she feels truly blessed to be a part of the community of lightworkers. With over 5000 clients who have sought her Tarot consultations, Shruti has helped them transform their perspectives on life and various life situations. She has also shared her learnings with more than 400 students who have witnessed profound changes in their lives. Shruti is registered as a certified trainer under the Vocational Training Board of India, operating under the name of SoulVibe Academy, and is authorized to provide recognized certificates to her students.

Her Ideology:

For Shruti, Tarot is a way to tap into the energies that surround us. Her readings are not about predicting the future, but rather about guiding individuals towards conscious efforts in achieving their goals. With her deep knowledge and expertise in Tarot, Shruti has become a guiding light for many seeking clarity and guidance in their lives. Her genuine passion for helping others and her commitment to spreading positivity and empowerment through Tarot has made her a respected figure in the community of lightworkers.


Shruti has expanded her passion for precious stones and launched a new venture called SoulVibe Store. Building on her expertise in Tarot and her deep understanding of the energetic properties of gemstones, Shruti runs a store that offers exquisite jewellery made with carefully selected gemstones, catering to those who seek meaningful and energetically charged jewellery. Each piece of jewellery in SoulVibe Store will be thoughtfully designed to not only adorn the wearer but also enhance their well-being.


“I believe the truth is, Tarot is a tool for self-empowerment and personal growth,” Shruti explains. “SoulVibe Store is an extension of my belief in the power of energies and vibrations. I have always been fascinated by the unique properties of gemstones and their ability to enhance our well-being on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.” Shruti’s vision for SoulVibe Store is to create meticulously crafted jewellery that not only looks stunning but also carries the energetic qualities of gemstones. She is committed to bringing her deep understanding of gemstones and Tarot, along with her unwavering commitment to quality, to create a unique and soulful experience for her customers through SoulVibe Store.

Here are some tips from Mumbai’s best Tarot reader Shruti Gupta for new Tarot readers:

1. Start with a basic understanding of the Tarot deck and its symbols. Learn about the different cards, their meanings, and the spreads used for readings. In my opinion, the best deck to start with is The Rider Waite Deck.

2. Develop a connection with your Tarot deck. Spend time with your deck, meditate with it, and create a personal relationship with it.

3. Trust your intuition. When interpreting the cards, don’t rely solely on their traditional meanings. Allow your intuition to guide you and bring your own unique interpretation to the reading.

4. Stay grounded and centered. Before starting a reading, take a few deep breaths and center yourself. This will help you to connect with your intuition and remain focused during the reading.

5. Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Do readings for yourself, friends, and family to gain experience and hone your skills.

6. Keep a Tarot journal. Record your readings and your thoughts on the cards. This will help you to track your progress and gain insight into your own personal Tarot journey.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seek guidance from experienced Tarot readers and join Tarot communities to learn from others and gain support.

Remember, Tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. It requires dedication, practice, and an open mind. As you embark on your Tarot journey, remain open to the magic and mystery of this incredible modality.

Find Mumbai’s best Tarot Reader Shruti Gupta on:

Instagram: @tarotwithshrutii17
Instagram: @soulvibe_store
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@tarotwithshrutii17
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Whatsapp- 9136821723

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