Dance is a beautiful form of expression, an art which is mastered over time with practice and dedication. Connecting emotions of the soul with sequences of movement on the beat of music is what makes different dance forms attractive.

The expressive repertoire of movements involves both physical and mental ability of a dancer to express his/her imagination which truly showcases the beauty of expressive emotional power.

Afro-latin dance form is one of the multiple fusion dance styles, the most extensive dance pattern performed globally. It requires specific training and style and India is lucky to have a flourishing dancer, choreographer and instructor, Suraj Verma in the capital city, Delhi. He has built a fantastic career for himself over the time period of fifteen years and is the founder and director of one of the top-tier Afro Latin dance schools in India.

The use of muscles, brain, stamina, all coordinated at once makes one feel alive. To dance with finesse and grace is what people aspire for and Suraj Verma, known for his specialty in Afro-Latin dance forms helps enthusiasts make this form look flawless and effortless by his training sessions at his dance institute- Lead and Follow India, located in South Delhi.

Maintaining the coordination between steps, expressions and music can be a task. To bring alive the beauty of dance when performed, the frequency should be spot on to leave a lasting impression. Technique, dedication and hard work is the key to look graceful and confident while performing a dance and Suraj’s institute stands apart in having the best instructors teaching how to master the moves.

Lead and Follow India provides training in various dance forms including Salsa which is a social dance form, Bachata- a Latin American dance form from Dominican Republic and Kizomba- an African dance form which is becoming quite popular among Indian dance enthusiasts. They also organise fitness classes including Zumba sessions, Aerobics, freestyle dance and Bhangra and offer special batch sessions for ladies and kids. They also offer services like wedding choreography for couples, solo performances, kids, and family groups.

 Being a choreographer and instructor, who has spent over a decade sharpening his skills and mastering new forms, the 5’9’’ tall dancer has an impressive qualification degree of post-graduation in political science from the prestigious Delhi University, and did his schooling from GBSSS Delhi.

Born and brought up like a true Delhiite, Suraj has made the entire nation proud with his achievements and global recognition. Aged thirty, with years of experience and intensive training in Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba, he is known for bringing laurels and making a name for himself, setting a mark in the field of dance globally.

Besides being a versatile dancer, he has gained recognition on distinguished forums for being an Asia Championship finalist thrice, nine times National Champion, and winning over eighty state championships. All these achievements proved his capability and passion for dance and gave a great start to his career in the right direction.

Dance is said to gift one with a social experience. Suraj has had a truly memorable and unforgettable one as he always felt liberated travelling around, learning and training students. He has been to more than thirty countries in the world where he has taught more than one lakh students and trained them in Afro-Latin dance form. This opportunity added to his persona of cultivating talent, interacting and forming friendships and creating memories for a lifetime. He has additionally choreographed for a number of renowned schools and reputed colleges, corporates and other dance shows.

Apart from this, Suraj is a certified Afro Latin dancer in India who has successfully received a certification in Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba and is a proficient Afro Latin trainer who continues to train and add to his achievements from the world’s best trainers and dance schools in Italy, Germany, France and Spain.

Suraj is a person who believes in his talent. With social media apps at everyone’s disposal, Suraj decided to share his talent on different platforms by uploading his dance videos. The engagement rate on his posts in no time caught the public eye and lately, he is basking in the glory over a lot of popularity received on social media platforms for his dance moves and training institute and has a huge fan base over Facebook, Instagram and his YouTube channel.

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