Subu Praveen Awarded with Nation’s Icon Award 2022 by EnGame Publishing House.

Subu Praveen is a techie who is helping expand businesses digitally. With his skills and knowledge, he is giving the best and aiding businesses to reach new heights. The individuals and businesses that are associated with Praveen have achieved their actual potential. 

Subu Praveen is a digital marketer based in Tamil Nadu with eight years of digital marketing experience who mentors, guides and trains individuals, including young and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, about the know-how of digital marketing, especially in Tamil Nadu. He offers digital marketing courses and also uploads tutorials and lessons on his YouTube channel for free, giving insights and information about digital marketing. 

Praveen is a known marketer in Tamil Nadu and is known for his quality service. He has unique expertise in Facebook Advertisement, Youtube Marketing and Instagram Marketing. Providing leads to customers and other services that are offered by him include bulk SMS services, bulk voice call services, shot URL and digital visiting cards for companies and people associated. 

Academically, Praveen has a degree in mechanical engineering, but he has been fascinated by computers since his childhood. Due to a lack of awareness and understanding, he learnt computers as a hobby. He pursued mechanical engineering, and after passing out of college, Praveen began applying for jobs at various companies for various roles, but his resume was rejected more than 100 times! After facing multiple rejections, he finally decided to change the role and chose to work in the sales and marketing department, which proved life-changing for him.

During his five-year tenure as sales manager, he started selling computers in his area; something that is known as the territory in the sales world. While working as sales manager, an idea struck his mind to double his sales. To execute what he thought, he took his business to a digital platform and doubled his sales with the help of internet marketing. After the success of this plan, he established his own digital marketing. 

Due to no prior experience in the field of digital marketing, Praveen ended up draining over 5,000 USD of training courses, events, training, paid advertising, and marketing and different company models that reaped no benefits. He was soon corrected by his mentor and realised what went wrong, and he corrected it. The outcome was in his favour. 

As a trainer, Praveen believes in sharing his knowledge and skills with others, and he says, “If I can impact someone’s life with my training that is my biggest achievement.” 

As of date, Praveen’s business has grown multi-fold. He has achieved a milestone number— trained more than 2,000 businesses, currently over 3,000 students in the learning community, completed more than two crores of bulk SMS and voice calls for election campaigns, and sold 5,000 digital visiting cards. Over the period of time, he has helped 50 plus businesses grow and boost rapidly with his strategies and has become the most preferred internet entrepreneur. 

Currently, Praveen runs a YouTube channel where he trains people and bears a never giving up attitude towards life. He is currently diagnosed with Stage IV of cancer. He is under therapy, but his enthusiasm to help people and businesses has not been affected, and he continues his work with dedication.

Praveen has recently been awarded with Nation’s Icon Award 2022 by EnGame Publishing House for his never-giving attitude and the helpful personality trait that he bears. 

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