Satyam Shukla – A journey from job to successful entrepreneur. 

Satyam Shukla, the founder of HouseStory technology India private limited, has always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur & want to build an MNC company. While studying his engineering at the Malwa Institute of Technology in 2018, he started an e-commerce portal, but his lack of knowledge pushed to him shut down the company in the early days. 

After completing his bachelor’s degree, he started the job. Still, asap Satyam Shukla realised he is not meant for a job, started a company in 2018 with the name of “AtoZ Handyman Solution” with one employee, and from there, he never looked back.

About HouseStory – 

HouseStory is an internet & media platform that delivers 999 doorstep services in a single platform. Users can book & schedule multiple services like professional handyman, grooming expert, house interior, domestic solution, business solutions, home appliances expert, renovation consultant & many experts with few clicks. 

Basically, HouseStory is formally known as the “AtoZ Handyman Solution”, started in 2018 with just 6 basic handyman services. Within 2 years, HouseStory launched 999 services in a single step.

Future Aspect of HouseStory –

It’s unbelievable that HouseStory started with just Rs. 212 by buying a single domain name. Still, with good service & professional approach, HouseStory not only became the biggest company in Indore city & but slightly expanded in Bhopal & Gwalior cities. In December 2021, after signing with Bangalore based “Apna Complex”, HouseStory opened its doors to 14 more cities.

Satyam Shukla & HouseStory company is a statement to that new entrepreneur who thinks “for making a business, they need huge money.”

They proved if you are good with your service & approach, you can beat any competitor in your field.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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