Samaneu Satheesh got Nation’s Icon Awards 2022 – A source of inspiration for many young people.

Samaneu Satheesh is the Director of Media and Communications at RVS Educational Trust. He has implemented numerous unique ideas in digital media and business that have the potential to be game-changing for his digital media company. EnGame Publishing House (Registered with MSME Government of India) is honoured to present Samaneu Satheesh with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 in collaboration with Entrepreneur stories, Indian Start-up Magazine, and Entrepreneur Hunt for his remarkable, uncommon, unique effort and his incredible accomplishment continued for having a desirable and positive quality that apparently stood tall as a realistic role model and a source of inspiration for the society and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As an excellent market influencer and expertise in Branding, Samaneu Satheesh helps businesses elevate their brands with his unique, impactful visual stories. He had a vast clientele all across the country that includes top reputable politicians, celebrities, governors, Ministers, MLAs, and many more. Amassing a considerable follower base today, he boasts large followings across platforms and is counted as one of the most followed personalities across all significant platforms concerned.

He says, “As you consider how to best brand your business or start-up, the terms look and feel are likely to come up in conversation. How you approach creating a visual footprint for your organization depends on how well you grasp those words. I came to love everything behind building a brand, its mission, its values together with growing a customer base.”

Samaneu Satheesh has a lot of clout in the market. He is a branding specialist who can boost anyone’s popularity. His ray of hope has educated and inspired young people to take action. Many politicians and businesses are looking for his support in terms of branding and popularity. His triumphs are now being published. With his powerful and innovative mind, he significantly transformed the digital media game.

After graduating from engineering school, Samaneu chose to work as an engineer in the oil and gas business for five years. Still, he soon recognized that his heart has always been drawn to the creativity that drives the digital media world. However, his five years as an engineer haven’t stopped him from expressing his passion for media. For the following five years, he would work for 21 days and then go on leave for another 21 days. This 21-day break aided him in obtaining what he desired. During his leave, he worked and produced five documentaries. He got accolades from celebrities, politicians, and other artists for his work.

He shares his words of wisdom in conclusion “In order to have a branding design that matches with the preferences, passions, and wants of their prospective clientele, it is critical for an entrepreneur to clarify their purpose, vision, mission, and values when building a brand. The key is to consider your brand as having its own personality and what that personality will communicate to your target market.”

Without a doubt, people’s power and contributions to society have frequently gone above and beyond to make India a better place to live. Samaneu’s challenging public life with dignity and contribution to society knows no bounds. Engame Publishing house has honoured Samaneu Satheesh with an achievement Award in recognition of the best whose never-say-die attitude has served as an undying inspiration and motivation for the society at large. He has gone beyond the scope of his employment to the great benefit of society by inspiring young people to start their own businesses.

Claim to Fame – Samaneu Satheesh

– A source of inspiration for many young people who aim to be successful in the digital media industry.

– He provides the Ministers, MPs, and political leaders with marketing and public influencing strategies.

– He has massive connections all over the world and makes his team all over the world.

– He is the proud Director of Media and Communications, RVS Educational Trust, Tamil Nadu.

– He directed a pilot film which was a tremendous success that was released by the great Indian actor Mohanlal, Minister, and other actors.

– He acted and worked in films and music albums. It’s all trending all over the globe. Huge branding, he gave it for them.

– Game Changer in Digital Media.

– He has a huge follower in all his social media.

– Great Visionary and Exemplary Contribution.

– He is the Motivation and Inspiration of youth.

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