Raindrops illuminating Literature & Metaverse

The Raindrops LitVerse Festival (RLF) has provided an opportunity for writers from across the country and abroad to share their expertise, impart their tips, and take readers on a journey through the world of literature. There was a series of workshops during the 2-day festival that would allow participants to select a new genre, theme, or literary journey and explore the possibilities.

The Raindrops NFTs by MetaSky were a fantastic experience for first-timers. It was an event where you had web3 builders, artists, writers, and all kinds of creative folks under one roof. The event provided a platform for people to learn about the potential of blockchain and decentralised applications. Fandefi had announced NFTs as Proof of Participation.

During our interaction with Kunal Lall, a digital marketing entrepreneur from Bengaluru, we discussed technology, art, and literature. Kunal said that, “Such events are incredibly important to artists who are great at their craft and are looking to leverage technology.” “While there are many conversations about art and technology that are mutually exclusive, there are very few about how they complement each other.”He further applauded Raindrops, aka Bernard D’sa, for taking the lead on this and doing a fine job with the execution of Litverse Fest.

Bernard D’sa, the festive director and founder of Raindrops Books, shared his thoughts on the upcoming literature on web3. Among his observations, he shared that, “the publishing industry has been missing in recent years as we have been running away from technology and recent tech developments.” Such gatherings promise to give literature a new face and to provide an engaging platform for all enthusiasts, writers, and analysts to gather in one place.

The event was well organized with a lot of participation. Meena Mishra praised Bernard D’sa for his skill and enthusiasm in organising such a wonderful event. She also thanked him for bringing her authors and poets to speak at the event.”The best part of this event is the spirit of exchange among professionals, amateurs, and poets. I really value his support in bringing us together and making us aware of each other’s work.

This event was a memorable one with over 2500+ literature lovers. This has opened a new dimension for writers, creative folks, and web3 enthusiasts. Raindrops LitVerse Festival has built a strong foundation for literature lovers to explore the world of web3 and build a community of like-minded folks. Raindrops Books Private Limited, the publishing firm behind this mega event, is happy that they have been able to bring back literature lovers under one roof. Ever since the pandemic, things have been difficult, but now everything is back and it is good to see an engaged crowd at the Raindrops LitVerse Festival. Raindrops would put in a lot of effort to build their own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and create NFTs for their community members. Looking forward to a beautiful integration between Literature and the Metaverse under the Raindrops Ecosystem Network.

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