QNET Scamsters back in action, cheat woman of Rs 2 lakh.

Advocate Sattyajeet Karale Patil, representing the Victim in Court

 A case has been registered against a woman at Harsul Police Station, Aurangabad, for allegedly defrauding her friend of Rs 2 lakh by pretending to be making a lot of money in online business.

The accused are Harshada Kailas Patil, Malad, Mumbai, and Amarendra Kumar. The victim lives in the Harsul area of Aurangabad City, and the accused is her old friend.

The accused stated that she needed a business partner. We both do online business together and make a lot of money. As a friend, the victim trusted her, and the accused friend cheated on her.

After being told that investing in her online digital destruction company would bring in huge profits, the victim succumbed to her temptation and took out a bank loan and deposited Rs 2 lakh with her friend. This amount was invested by Amarendra Kumar and Harshda Patil in the company Qnet Global. 

As soon as the victim came to know that the company was bogus, she asked for a refund from the accused. She also e-mailed the company’s concerned departments, but she didn’t get a positive response. She was asked to tackle on her own, and the company waived off the hands. Both the accused threatened the victim to spoil her career and image in the circle. 

After not getting a refund, a case was registered against the company at Harsul police station and also against Harshda Patil and Amrendra Kumar. The accused were absent after summons by the police and still haven’t refunded the amount. 

Victims Advocate Sattyajeet Karale Patil said, “QNET traps investors promising high earnings. The company then asks the investors to fool their friends and relatives in the same way.” 

“The company has cheated thousands of people in the state, exploiting their helplessness or greed. However, after losing money, my client decided not to fool her friends and relatives for the company,” he added. 

He said it was a case of cheating by Vihaan, a franchisee of QI Group in India being marketed under the brand name of QNet. 

According to the police, Vihaan, formerly known as Gold Quest and Quest Net, is a Hong Kong-based direct selling/multi-level marketing (MLM) company owned by the QI Group. They were targeting software employees, unemployed youth, and homemakers. 

Many cases were also registered against Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd (QNet) and its promoters in different states and in the Supreme Court of India. 

Business experts say QNET is a multi-level marketing company, and its business model is illegal in India. 

Advocate Sattyajeet has appealed to all to beware of such scams and advised them to complain in case of fraud. In these times when frauds like these are at their peak, he advises everyone to be aware and careful of these kinds of people.

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