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Holi is considered a pious festival of India celebrated with splendor of colors, music, joy and friends. Holi is one of the most important festivals in the Hindu calendar. It represents the triumph of good over evil and the coming of spring time. Holi celebration happens all over India and involves huge jubilant street parties but the “Pushkar ki – Kapda Faad Holi” is known to be world famous.

Pushkar (Rajasthan)  is a holy town in the state of Rajasthan famous for the Pushkar lake  in the center, various ghats and temples spread all around the lake. Pushkar is a beautiful destination at any time of the year but during Holi it was a bit more magical. We were looking around for Pushkar Holi celebration and came to know about this anonymous travel company “Voyagers Beat” from Pushkar locals, who are organizing the biggest Pushkar Holi Trip from past 4 years in Pushkar and has raised the splendor of Pushkar Holi to an upper level for there travelers.

Voyagers Beat is a travel company from Delhi, known for organizing adventure trips at different destinations in India. Apart from organizing trips like “Ye Zawani Hai Diwani” concept, they also organize Event trips among which we came to know about the Pushkar Holi Trip. 

Holi is one of the Alluring & craziest, probably the most widely celebrated festival in India but from past 4 years Voyagers Beat has been adding punk to Holi celebration. In 2021 they led Pushkar with a group of 172 people. Wondering to beat their own no. in 2022.

One can experience the top notch madness of the festival. The trip arrangements and coordination to celebrate Holi has got no competition as it is quite fascinating, shimmering with colors and love. This complete trip is not just about colours and Holi, but about building lifelong colourful bonds.

“Lets Begin to Roll….”

The trip begins from 2 assembling points in Delhi 1) Rajori Garden and 2) M.G. Road Metro Station to suit the travelers’ convenience. And here we begin the trip late at night from Gurgaon with mad-like travelers, filled with energies. Festival celebration begins with the beginning of the journey to Pushkar. The trip starts with an introduction round of all the travelers, which gets converted into jam sessions in the buses itself, with people dancing and shouting their voices out on ‘Munni badnaam hui’ or ‘Aakhya ka yo kajal…’, and merrying around together.  

With the first pit stop for Dinner and 2nd pit stop for tea/coffee and washrooms late at night. Reach Pushkar by morning and start your day with breakfast and a quick jump in the pool. All relaxed and refreshed by noon, head towards Pushkar sightseeing, which involves Bharama Temple (only temple in the whole world), Pushkar is a glassy sacred lake in the center surrounded by gleaming white temples. The peaceful and scenic views from different ghats around the lake are itself mesmerizing.

“Choti Holi – ‘Hollika Dahan’ ”

The splendid evening commences with the Holika Dahan, followed by Folk Music, cultural programs, various artists coming all around the world and performing their art among the people. No age or Gender or Religion or community is untouched by the bonhomie and gaiety of this festival. The exquisite evening moment at Varha Ghat filled the hearts with festive joy. Head back towards the property and get ready for the heart throbbing DJ Party inside the property organized by Team Voyagers. The party continues till late night with hot served dinner buffet.

“Pushkar ki – “Kapda Faad Holi’ “

And here begins the main event of Pushkar Holi. But with Voyagers it gives u an extra benefit because the Holi celebrations begin within the property among the co-travelers, wishing each other Holi, applying colours and embracing Holi T-shirts from Voyagers Beat and enjoying the folk dance programme organized to bring the traditional flavor in Holi celebration. 

Building the “Holi ka mahual’ we all head towards ‘Pushkar ki galliyan’ and ‘Ghat’ where you can enjoy the Indian “Tomatina Festival’ ‘ with colours and water balloons. In this intimate space, revelers young and old, locals and tourists flowing like ocean waves, laughing, jumping, hugging, smearing, spraying, and splashing each other with dry and wet powder. People from around the world come to the Holy Place Pushkar to celebrate the festival then share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. Some customary drinks include bhang (made from cannabis), which is intoxicated & adds the sprinkle of Joy to this festival. And EDM music playing around in streets of Pushkar

Pushkar would have been a beautiful destination at any time of the year but during Holi it was a bit more magical.

Heading back to property does not end the Holi celebration as it continues in the pool area in our Heritage property. All the voyagers jump in pool and continue the Holi celebration with pool party, bhang and music to thrill around. The best thing about the Holi with Voyagers Beat is the party that starts at about 10 am in the morning and goes down till 5 pm in the evening or could be said it begins with the trip and it sets with a final goodbye in Delhi. 

A well organized arrangement is set for the Holi Night to relax the tired minds and bodies with a steaming hot dinner, bonfire and guitar sessions specially arranged by Voyagers Beat to relax the party vibe with soulful music and gap-shap. 

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Pushkar Sightseeing to Ajmer Sharif

Last day is the sum of all the amazing memories created during the Holi celebration by purchasing souvenirs from Pushkar bazaar, enjoying the Camel Ride, the LOCAL cafes to the pan shops to the pakoda stalls. We head towards Ajmer to bow our head at the most famous Dargah- Ajmer Sharif, and the non-veg lovers can enjoy the authenticity of non-veg, or the kulfi faluda or the girls can relief there shopping spree with phulkari dupatta, bangles or juttiya. 

All this can also be explored by self but the team organizers of Voyagers Beat and arrangements and coordination to handle the event make the complete Pushkar Holi Trip a different experience altogether. 

Ac Luxury buses, 3/4 star Heritage stay, meals, Rajasthani folk dance, Cultural programme, DJ party, Pool party, complimentary Holi T-shirts, gift hampers and a lot more at reasonable prices. The owner of Voyagers Beat – Mr Vaibhav Sethi with a big team of trip managers accompany the whole trip himself to make sure the arrangements are well organized as committed. 

Listening about the Pushkar Holi and exploring it with Voyagers Beat has raised the fascination to join the 2022 Pushkar Holi Trip. Skip Sunburn this time – attend Holi 2022 in Pushkar with Voyager Beat

Chalo Chaley Pushkar!!


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