Nethika Naturals: Best herbal supplements for a healthy mind, soul and body

The old adage of “prevention is better than cure” has gained utmost importance, as new variants of Covid-19 keep coming due to which the world continues to grapple with the dreadful disease. Besides that, we also need to understand the importance of holistic health as only a person with a healthy body, soul and mind can lead a fulfilling life. That is what the founders of Nethika Naturals Pvt. Ltd.  had in mind when they started it. In fact, the Maharashtra-based company believes that everyone deserves to be well in their mind, soul and body. Nethika Naturals offers a vast range of natural healthcare products  that are among the best herbal supplements in the market.

Since they are thought to have tremendous medicinal powers, herbal supplements have been used for ages. Rather than focusing on the curative component of the condition, herbal supplements are preventive in nature and help to avoid disease. You can take them in addition to your diet to help with issues including digestion, cardiovascular health, and immunity.

Nethika Naturals has a vast portfolio of herbal supplements that range from Nethika Naturals Antioxidant Support Supplement and Nethika Naturals Digestive Care Supplement to Nethika Naturals Immunity Support Supplement. The company’s products not only help you prevent diseases but also lead a fulfilling life.

Why choose Nethika Naturals

Nethika Naturals’ deep awareness of people’s well-being drives its mission to create the finest, most promising solutions for the optimum health of your mind, soul, and body.

The company has created herbal supplement products based on the righteous doctrines of scientifically chosen ingredients for the right combination, thorough understanding of pathophysiology of health ailment, selection of right biological targets for better efficacy, minimal servings/dose with optimal benefits and no side effects.

Nethika Naturals makes its products using traditional wisdom and modern nutritional science advances for societal well-being.

Through its exclusive selection method, Nethika Naturals uses standardized extracts and components from all over the world, as it strives to create the best health supplements in the market. Nethika Naturals’ strong quality requirements and extensive evaluation processes ensure that every batch of components utilized meets exacting standards.

That entails using high-quality, clean ingredients that are natural, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and devoid of adulterants and pollutants. The corporation has complete control over the production process, guaranteeing that every step of the product’s journey satisfies the strict medicinal requirements that it has established.

Nethika Naturals keeps the following in mind while creating its products:

Design-oriented: Evidence-based medicines, precisely formulated herbal compositions with standard/modern methodologies, are urgently required.

Synergism: It is believed that the complex synergistic interactions among the herbs in polyherbal formulations increase the bioavailability of active components, promote therapeutic effects, and/or reduce toxicity.

Plant Phytochemical Makeup: The design of herbal formulations takes into account the nature of phytochemical elements in order to exhibit synergistic, antagonistic, additive, and detoxifying actions.

Pathophysiology of the disease and biological targets: Herbs are chosen to accomplish desired effects and/or to limit side effects based on an understanding of the disease process and its etiology.

Nethika Naturals’ journey so far

The Nethika Naturals brand was created with the goal of providing scientifically produced, effective herbal remedies for a variety of health conditions. Ganesh Sangaiah and the company’s other co-founders started working on that aim in 2018. Nethika Naturals was eventually founded in February 2020.

Dr. Ganesh formed the company with a group of scientists from the health care field, each with more than 25 years of experience.

Since its inception in 2020, Nethika Naturals has been raising health awareness through social media during the difficult times of Covid-19 when well-being has gained utmost importance. The company has also established a customer base of people who have benefited from our products and continue to use them.  Nethika Naturals’ products are currently available through its online stores and marketplaces such as Amazon, 1mg, and Flipkart.

About Ganesh Sangaiah, co-founder of Nethika Naturals

Ganesh Sangaiah, who co-founded the company and now serves as CEO of Nethika Naturals, is imaginative and dedicated, having led global teams in the research and development of new pharmaceuticals in a variety of therapeutic fields.

He has several years of industrial expertise in the Health Care sector, working across R&D, Research/ Development, and Commercial responsibilities in various regulated markets such as the United States, the European Union, and global organizations.

Dr. Ganesh’s primary competencies include strategic leadership, effective worldwide relationship development, cross-functional team management, and business partnerships while managing many commitments efficiently.

He has a Doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and has worked with prominent pharmaceutical businesses for over 25 years in R&D. In his current position as CEO of Nethika Naturals,

Dr. Ganesh strives to use modern science and technology to improve the practice of natural health care products, helping people become their best selves when it comes to health and wellness.

Future Plan

Besides making health supplements, Nethika Naturals, has established a Wellness Center in Gangotri Icon, Vasna-Gotri Road, Vadodara. Here, the company will offer its finest consultation for various health conditions and prescribe preventive wellness solutions via its products, which are among the best herbal supplements on the market. Nethika Naturals has planned to open such centers in Pune and other major Indian cities shortly. For more, Visit :

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