Mumbai-based event specialists Trupp & Fest- Curating the Perfect Day by Blending Innovation and Creativity.

Organising a successful event requires a lot of effort and detailed planning. While event planners specialise in making a concerted team effort to make any event a grand one, it still involves a great deal of effective management skills along with careful planning. Therefore, it is safe to state that on any given day, the advantages of hiring a professional event planner are far-reaching, as they ensure the best to make an event memorable.

Varsha Kasera is a Mumbai-based event planning specialist and the founder of Trupp & Fest. As a passionate entrepreneur, she observed the niche market of theme parties in Indian society and realised that although people had access to various pictures of decorations and party planning similar to those in the West and European countries, they lacked the time and effort to achieve the same.

She started her venture in December 2015, when the niche market in India for theme parties was limited to a few ideas. Her vision was to turn the ideas people dreamed of into reality and provide a one-stop solution along with one-point contact for the clients so they could enjoy the event and make lasting memories.

Trupp & Fest, an event management company, is the brainchild of Varsha Kasera, who states that the Indian event industry is an unorganised market with no written rules or deliverables. She states that the best parties are all about memories, and therefore, to make up for a delightful experience, Varsha incorporated her own brand, Trupp & Fest, in July 2016. The founder, Varsha is a high-spirited person as well as a proud mother who hangs onto her children everywhere. She has always been an organised person who knows how to create and find balance in all walks of life with family always supporting and backing her up, and she is proud of her achievements in life.

Apart from guaranteeing memories worth cherishing, Trupp and Fest assures its clients to completely immerse themselves in and enjoy the event curated as per their imagination.

Every minute detail is paid attention to, which makes the most difference on D-day. To date, the company has successfully conducted events for 335 clients and reached a milestone by recording 200 reviews on their website with a 4.9-star rating. Having sailed through seven years in the industry, the brand has grown to a humongous extent, starting with theme birthday parties and progressing to baby showers, milestone birthdays, corporate events, social events, and weddings.

The Events Specialists, Trupp and Fest, have grown into a one-stop solution for all event needs, covering all aspects of a perfect day by blending innovation and creativity. The company serves all their clients by bringing in the best and a unique approach towards their work and ensuring a pleasant, enjoyable, ideal event for clients just as they imagined.

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