Mrs. Glamorous India : Right Place to Express your Beauty

Beauty has so many forms and the most beautiful part is its confidence,” keeping this in mind, Mrs. Glamorous India unveiled its partici­pants who aspire and strive to be the best version of themselves through the audition recently.

Mrs. Glamorous India is a platform for all strong-willed married women who feel ‘the world is their oyster’. It would highlight the glamourous role of a married woman as sister to mother, working woman to the homemaker in the Indian society and would make a difference in their lives as well as those around them who embrace the value. It is a unique opportunity for them to reinvent their potential.

Speaking on the occasion Ridhima Roy Burman (director Bergeon solution and training), said, “This is a female empowerment program for married Indian women. It is  a golden opportunity for them to represent India on national and international platforms signifying the glamour of Indian woman­ hood rather than a beauty pageant in the traditional sense of the word. The women will embark on a life-changing journey. A woman is brave, she is real, she is someone who wants the best for her family and society and that is why she should participate. This system takes them on a journey of a lifetime allows them to dream and helps them turn those dreams to reality for Entries

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